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Forget seasonal garden buldings. With our Warmalog® insulated cabin, you can sit in comfort throughout the year. Not only does the Warmalog® have far better heat retention than an uninsulated cabin, the Warmalog® even has advantages over other insulated cabins. Our all-new combination of insulation materials in the walls, floor and roof make the Warmalog® much quicker and easier to construct than a traditional insulated cabin where the insulation material is a whole separate element.

You will need to prepare a solid base that is square and level to allow you to build this insulated log cabin successfully on your property. You can use concrete or our RapidGrid Foundation system. For the Rhine Warmalog® this base should measure 4.0m x 6.0m. 

The only extra items needed are a superior quality light coloured 'Barn' paint to seal the outside, and a silicone sealant for the joints after decorating. These are available from your local decorator supply store. After you have sealed these, your decoration choices are unlimited! 

This extended Warmalog® is presented in a very simple way so that you can turn it into whatever you need it to be. It has two rooms, separated by a solid door. Perhaps a room for you and a room for the kids! Harmonise the decoration between the rooms, or let your partner indulge their strange tastes with a room to themselves. Home office, music room, a gym or even a bar ... .  The possibilities never end. With a Warmalog® you can be sure that the passing of the seasons is not going to restrict your use of your special space.

Not only the walls of the Warmalog® Cabins are insulated. The floor has a 50mm insulated structure and the roof has 60mm. The Double-Glazed windows are 24mm thick including 2 panes of 4mm toughened glass. These and other carefully designed thermal features produce a U value of 0.59 for the Warmalog® cabin. Now you can be sure that your cabin will retain its temperature in the cooler months as well as the warmer months.

Warmalog® cabins are sturdy and secure. They feature a Multi-Point Espagnolette locking system and domestic standard hinges on the extra wide-opening French Doors. Pressure treated bearers keep the damp from the base of the cabin, and up above, long hefty Purlins support the roof.

The Warmalog® is easy for you to assemble. Enjoy it year-round!

Product Features
What is a Warmalog Insulated Log Cabin?
A: A Warmalog® Insulated Log Cabin is a garden building unique to the Log Cabin industry and exclusive to Dunster House. This unique Log Cabin features a 62mm sandwich of slow-grown Spruce timber and Polyurethane insulation, which come together to create a revolutionary type of wall log. and roof and floor insulation, this creates a thermally efficient garden building perfect for using all year round. Warmalog® Cabins are insulated in all directions. The floor has a 50mm thick insulated structure, the roof is 60mm (also insulated), coupled with 24mm double glazed sealed units made from 4mm toughened glass. Thanks to these and other heat-conscious design details, these Warmalog® cabins have an equivalent U value to 110mm logs and achieve a U value of 0.59. This means that you can feel confident your cabin will remain cool in the warm months and warm in the cool months.
What size cabin can I have?
A: We offer a range of Warmalog cabins. The smallest is 2.8 metres wide by 3.0m deep, and the largest is 4.8m wide by 5.8m deep.
How big is this Insulated Log Cabin?
A: This Insulated Log Cabin’s measurements are: 3.80m (12' 5") x 5.80m (19' 0")
How high is this Insulated Log Cabin?
A: It is 2.49m (8' 2") high
How much is this Insulated Log Cabin?
A: This product starts from £7,709.99
What base do I need for this Insulated Log Cabin?
A: We recommend a flat, level base at least 100mm bigger on each side. e.g. A 4m by 3m building would have a base of 4.2m by 3.2m See more details here. The base can be concrete or made from our RapidGrid Foundation system.
Can I paint the Log Cabin?
A: Yes we recommend a superior quality light coloured 'Barn' paint for the exterior, as well as a clear silicone sealer for the joints. These are available from your local decorator supplies.
Where can I visit you? Do you have a store near me?
A: We have 6 branches across the UK. Click here to find the nearest one! Please check with us before you visit if you are travelling to see a particular product.
Do I need planning permission for this Insulated Log Cabin?
A: Take our quick survey to find out!
How thick are the walls?
A: The walls of this Warmalog Insulated Log Cabin are 62mm Thick.
What are u-values?
A: U-values tell us about the heat loss properties of the material you are measuring. The lower the number, the better insulated the Log Cabin will be. Find out more here.

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Assisted Delivery

If you cannot provide an able-bodied person to offload the vehicle with the help of our driver, we can provide additional manpower with our Assisted Delivery Service. The driver will arrive with some help to unload the lorry, meaning that you can put your feet up.

Please note that items can be carried up to 50 metres from the kerbside to your place of choice as long as the route doesn’t go through a house (or any decorated building) and that there is sufficient space (at least 750mm wide) for the drivers to handle heavy pieces safely. Our drivers will be responsible for assessing the risk of carrying out a Two-Person Delivery upon arrival at the property. If they feel that there is no clear access as stated above, they will have to leave the items at the kerbside.

We offer this service on most items that are delivered, we do not offer this on our couriered products. Prices for this service can be found on individual products.

Should you require further information on our standard or assisted delivery services, please click here to read our Terms and Conditions, alternatively contact a member of our Sales Team.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

Warmalog temperature test - 19/04/2017
Temperature outside the Warmalog Cabin:  11°c
Temperature inside the Warmalog Cabin: 12°c

Temperature after using a 2KW heater:
After 30 minutes: 22° c
After 60 minutes: 30° c

Wall, roof and floor temperature:
The top of the rear wall: 35°c
The bottom of the rear wall: 30°c
The top of the window wall: 32°c
The bottom of the window wall: 30°c
The top of the door wall: 34°c
The bottom of the door wall: 29°c
The top of the full wall: 35°c
The bottom of the full wall: 32°c
The temperature of the roof averaged between 34°c and 35°c
The temperature of the floor averaged between 28°c and 29°c

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