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  • Heat Resistant Paint
    Painted black with a special paint that is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Celsius.

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One of the worst things about BBQs is inhaling the smoke as everything cooks, this smoke is harmful to both you and the environment, but won’t be a problem if you own a Rocket BBQ stove as it burns so intensively that it produces up to 90% less smoke. Once the fire has started it is very easy to keep fuelled by simply placing wood, or other combustibles, into the flue and let the fire grab it.

The 1’5” high stove is small enough that it can be easily transported using the handles on either side, making it perfect for day trips to the countryside, camping or fishing trips, festivals or trips to the beach. The stove acts as a portable cooker, allowing you to cook a wide range of food that you normally would not be possible on a standard portable BBQ from a supermarket.

The Rocket Stove is so useful and hassle free. Less equipment will be needed and you can cook or boil anything you like and gives you a sense of accomplishment for having cooked over a fire. The Rocket Stove is very quick to set up and it is just like cooking on the stove at home. Due to its unique design it not only retains heat better but gives much better control of the heat simmering in your stove.

The black Rocket Stove will keep its stylish finish for many camping trips to come thanks to the heat resistant paint that can withstand up to 600 degrees Celsius. Whether you’re using the Rocket Stove for a night of fine dining with friends, or as a heater for a weekend spent under the stars, the Rocket Stove will cater to every need you have.

Due to the Rocket Stove being raised from level ground it not only offers better insulation but due to it being off the ground, it lessens the risk of burning something by accident. The Rocket Stove uses smaller pieces of timber and saves about 50% of materials to be burnt because of the high heat generating ability. It also a fantastic insulator, using less fuel and preserves long lasting heat.

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There are currently no reviews for this product, but here are reviews for other similar products.
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Well made portable wood stove for camping, fishing or use in the garden or for taking out on pick nick outings. The big improvement this stove has got over the Frontier stove is the much improved chimney sections with a wider circumference to improve combustion and airflow. I chose the chimney pipe add on extras with bends to allow the stack to exit out the side of an open bell tent. The side warming plates are great for added hot surface tops for keeping cooked food warm. Overall, probally the best portable wood burning stove available, being the most efficient and at a very competitive price. Get one!
By - Robert James on May 10,16

Purchased the stove for some Hot Tenting (winter camping) The stove has been used three times now and warms the tent up in about ten minutes from very cold to oven temp. It is very good also for warming and cooking on the top plate. The stove is highly recomended for winter camping and outdoor activitities.
By - JONATHON SPURR on Dec 09,15

With all respect to Dunster House and their Hope stove, I came upon this product because of my experience using my friends stove, the better know 'Frontier' and whilst looking for the best price on a Frontier discovered that there was an alternative in the Hope. After much debate and analysis I was persuaded in favour of the Hope on price, because it was under £100 compared to the Frontier at £153. All I can say is now it has been delivered the Hope is every bit as good as the Frontier, better built in some areas, not so in others, overall I would rate it on par with the better known unit. The Hope's lower price and hot plate extension were the two factors that persuaded my to take a punt and now I have the stove all I can say is I have no regrets. If you are reading this at a time when the Hope is 'normal price' then it is a close call, still cheaper than a Frontier and with the hot plate extension, the Hope may well be for you. It terms of 'which kit' to buy, it's really simple, the short kit is stand alone for outside use where as the full kit includes flue bends, brackets and an insulated double skin section for use in a shed or tent (properly ventilated of course). I use mine outside as a stand alone whilst camping so only needed the short kit. Martin
By - Marin Donze on Sep 27,15

Unfortunately I do not have any images of the stove in operation, mainly due to being too busy cooking, stoking or generally enjoying the fun of eating outdoors. I've had this stove for a while now and it is used regularly to cook anything from a (full Scottish) fry-up to just boiling a kettle of water for a 'brew'. Recently I've even cooked a curry on it - something that is becoming popular within the Bush-crafting scene. I'm really pleased with this stove and it compares more than favourably with its nearest rival - the Front... Stove. The stove is as good as new - it's well looked after - and I hope to use it for many a year to come.
By - ARTHUR FINDLAY on Jul 01,15

We use our stove at home and also when out in our motor home, in fact I used it last night at home. We had folks round to celebrate joining the Grandparents club and cooked pork loin chops,on a griddle pan, boiled new potatoes and grilled veg. With a bit of practice using the extension plate which comes with this stove you can maintain the temperature of the different foods being cooked and serve as you would from a household cooker. Later the stove was placed centrally and we all sat out feeling the warmth from the retained heat in the metal. The stove is easy to light and you can be cooking in no time. Breakfasts are a cinch. Over New Year we were camping with about 30 other mad people and curries, stews and stroganoff and rice was cooked on four similar stoves. These other stoves although the same design were not as well made, the metal was not as thick, and they did not have the extension plate or the fire grill which increases air flow in the fire, and the spark arrester which is included with the Hope stove was an extra £15. These stoves were also £30 to £40 more than the Hope stove. I have recommended the Hope stove.
By - Graham Scullion on Jul 01,15

The stove I've purchased is fantastic, such a lovely item, I've added to my beautiful bell tent ensemble as it works brilliantly with the smoke and flame control on the chimney. It is much better than a similar stove as it has square legs, making it much more stable and the side plate is excellent for cooking. It works fine with chip BBQ logs. This stove is a lovely quality stove at an affordable price. Thanks for asking. very good customer service.
By - Jen Henderson on Jun 26,15

We have found it to be a brilliant product and I wouldn't be without it now! I cannot praise it enough! Everyone who has seen it and been sceptical have had to eat their words when they see how useful it is! We cook paella on it, pizzas in it, and we also cook breakfast on it when we camp in the garden. It’s also nice to stand around when it is cold. As an additional bonus, as we are quite rural, it has also been a godsend when we have powercuts because I can still have a cup of tea!
By - Sam Woods on Jun 26,15

i must state that it is a fantastic item that draws attention. I own a T4 camper van and this item fits in perfectly with what i require. We use it mainly in the evening to cook on plus it helps keep us a bit warmer when having some food and a beer around it. I get campers asking every trip i go on about it. If i was to make a suggestion to improve the item i would say that the circular disc opening at the top with the handle you use to open needs improving. It can be very difficult to take the disc off the top when you want to add more wood as the handle barely bites into the hole to be able to lift it off, but thats it. Regarding what we cook on it, well the list is endless. 1. Boiling water. 2. Full cooked breakfasts. 3. Kebabs etc etc
By - Kev Thomas on Jun 26,15

A great option for both use in a small studio and for taking away on camping trips. the extra flap for more cooking space is helpful too.
By - jane barber on Jan 14,15

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