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Safety is our first priority

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Children come in all shapes and sizes and, luckily, so do our play systems. Children aged 3 and upwards will love messing about in the garden! However, we want to make sure that your children play safely, that's why our entire range of play systems are put through rigorous, independent, European safety tests (EN71) and are CE Rated - after all, it's better to be safe than sorry!


This means that the play systems have gone through the following:



Some precautions you must take with your play system are:



It is perfectly normal for outside play equipment that is made from wood to gain superficial cracks and splits as weather conditions change during the different seasons. When it's wet or damp wood expands and then shrinks again when it becomes warmer. This natural process has been taken into account when designing and testing all of our play equipment to ensure that it is completely safe.


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