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The Shepherds Hut offers a totally unique way in which to relax or work, true to its original design, it incorporates all of its qualities and more. Imagine coming home after a hard day at work, the house is noisy and all you want is a quiet space to unwind with your favourite book and your favourite beverage, well now you can in this unique, spacious and idyllic focal point.


It is also a great office if you want to work from home. If you wish for nothing more than avoiding the rush hour commute, expensive train and bus fares and rising petrol prices that put a dent in your wallet, the insulated Shepherds Hut can give you more money, more time and more energy along with a better home/life balance. If you want an office that represents your personality and style, that shows potential clients that you are able to think outside of the box then the Shepherds Hut is something you can't be without. 


As with all of our other timber products, the Shepherds Hut is manufactured using high quality slow grown spruce. We use this type of wood as it is less porous and resinous than pine, spruce is also less likely to shrink, warp or split. It is also less likely to produce sap runs which can ruin your clothes if it comes into contact, hence why we prefer to use spruce rather than pine.


Another fantastic feature is the super strong uPVC windows and doors we use in the Shepherds Hut, they are exactly the same as the ones we use in our Garden Offices as we know the importance of your valuables and keeping them safe. The thick 28mm toughened double glazed windows and doors allow plenty of sunlight in to ensure it is kept warm even in the colder months.


To reinforce the strong windows and doors, the Shepherds Hut has a 9 point locking system that ensures maximum protection. Featuring three roller cams and three hook bolts, two deadbolts and a latch to ensure that all of your personal belongs are kept safe and securely locked away.


Every part of the timber product that comes into contact with the ground has to be properly protected. We supply pressure treated bearers for the Shepherds Hut, the treatment forces the preservative deep into the timber using a large pressure treatment tank. It is an effective method that allows us to offer a genuine 10-year guarantee against rot and fungal decay.


We offer you the option to add our Premium RapidGrid foundation system that creates a strong support that spreads the weight of the building across the ground under the entire building ensuring the whole structure is level. We also allow you to fully customise the exterior of your Shepherds Hut. We have a wide selection of Premium treatments and PremiumPlus block treatments to ensure that it really stands out, becoming the centrepiece of your garden which you can enjoy for many years to come!

Product Features

We deliver our products to mainland United Kingdom (England, Wales and Scotland). Some exceptions apply; these are illustrated on the map below.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

Delivery to postcode areas PL, TQ, TR, EX may take 1 week longer, beyond the delivery shown on the product page.

Delivery Price

Green - Free Assisted Delivery

Blue - Delivery to postcode areas PL, TQ, TR, EX6, EX7, EX20, EX21, EX22, EX23, EX39 may take 1 week longer, beyond the delivery shown on the product page.

Yellow - £59.99 delivery fee.

Orange - £84.99 delivery fee.

Red - We are unable to deliver to these areas.

Purple - For orders to Ireland & Northern Ireland, please visit our Distributor in Ireland here.

Delivery Service

All of our products are delivered using our own fleet of vehicles, not sub-contractors. We have a large number of vehicles dedicated to delivering our quality products so we can guarantee maximum care is taken during the delivery process.

Our deliveries take place Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 7:00pm.

When the delivery vehicle is unloaded, it is important that you check to make sure all of the items and instructions have arrived and are correct. You will also receive a component list to check your items against. If anything is missing or damaged, it is essential that you note this on your paper work when you hand it back to the delivery driver.

Prices for our delivery services can be found on individual products.

Please note that goods will be delivered to the first point of contact at the front of your property e.g. on your driveway. This must be within 20m from the delivery vehicle (Safely Parked at Kerbside). Our team will be responsible for assessing the risk of carrying out an assisted delivery upon arrival at the property. If they feel that there is no clear access as stated above, they will have to leave the items at the kerbside.

Should you require further information on our assisted delivery services, please click here to read our Terms and Conditions, alternatively you can contact a member of our Sales Team.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.


You can opt for collection if you wish, however, this must be done at the point of order. You must have the appropriate vehicles to transport your order from our site to its final destination. This could mean hiring a vehicle for the collection, so please ensure that the vehicle you use is large enough to take the weight of the items you're collecting. The vehicle also needs to be able to take the longest part of your product.

When transporting glass, please secure it, preventing it from moving or items falling onto it. It is crucial, not to lean or stand the glass up on a hard surface as this has the potential to cause nicks in the pane. These nicks could then become larger problems in the future, resulting in having to replace the glass.

A member of our Sales Team will be able to advise you on the steps to take when arranging your collection.

To ensure the very best quality, we only use slow-grown White Spruce Timber, which is harvested in cold climates to ensure solid, dense log rings. This gives the wood superior strength and longevity, and also a much more consistent colour than the likes of Pine.


Despite the care we take in selecting the very best Timber available, it’s not like predictable brick or cold steel, this natural material has characteristics and quirks unique to every log.


Because our timber logs once fed water and nutrients back and forth from its roots to its leaves, its very nature is to be porous and swell up when it gets wet. Any wooden product will do this throughout its life, but there are a few things you can do to help limit this movement.


These include:

1. A great design!

  • Don’t worry, we’ve got this one covered. We’re experts when it comes to all things timber, so we have designed our products from the ground up with its natural properties in mind.

2. Water Repellent Treatment.

  • How you customise and decorate your product is up to you, however we would recommend that you use an appropriate water repellent treatment. This really helps minimise the amount of moisture that the timber can absorb. Therefore minimising the risk of any major movement.
  • (Please note: water repellent treatment is not the same as pressure treatment, which protects against rot and insect infestation, and which we guarantee for 10 Years!)

3. Ventilation.

  • Keeping your timber building ventilated is no less important than keeping your house well ventilated. This is especially true if you plan to cover up your floorboards with something (double check with an expert, that the material is suitable to do so), as moisture can become trapped between layers of non-breathable materials and build-up, leading to floors becoming rotten.

4. Regular Seasonal Maintenance.

  • Whether you opt to build your product yourself, don’t be afraid to tighten the odd bolt here and there. Your product is a life improving investment, so it’s only right to give it some love and care from time to time. Make sure that it’s properly treated before the rainy months, and you make adjustments to doors and window frames, when needed.


Natural Timber Properties

After building your timber product, this natural construction will begin to ‘settle’. This means that you will likely see some natural timber imperfections appear. These types of natural imperfections can include:


  • Cracks


Cracks On Wood


  • Splits

Splits On Timber Held With A Green Rounded Safety Cap

  • Shakes


Shakes On Wood Panel


  • Warping / Twisting

Warped wood panels, twisted Wood panels


  • Expansion and Contraction


Expansion And Contraction Of Wood On Garden Building


Please be aware that, as these are natural timber properties they are not considered as defects under our Terms & Conditions (for more information, check out our Ts&Cs here). However, in most cases, these imperfections will not impact the integrity or function of your timber product, and/or can easily be rectified. For advice on how to rectify these and for more support, please get in touch with our Customer Services Team on


† Reference to Price on 25th December 2019
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