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Thatched Gazebo Foundations

At Dunster House we have designed an excellent foundation system to ensure a beautiful finish to your building. The RapidPad foundation was designed to ensure that your Thatched Gazebo is structurally sound.


With any structure you want to start right, the base or foundations is the crucial part. Imagine our shock when we found that some competitors are placing their Gazebos straight onto the ground without any support, and almost as bad is the practice of putting the ends of the wooden posts into concrete. This shortens the life of the timber considerably as it means that the timber is now constantly in a damp in-ground environment and will rot considerably quicker because of this. Even pressure treated timber will have a much shortened lifespan because of this.

With our customers in mind, we have designed our RapidPad foundations. They are a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete foundations. Costing much less than a concrete base would, the Rapid Foundations do not ruin the surrounding soil and need very little soil to be removed compared to if you were laying a concrete base. If you don’t have an existing concrete, decked or paved area we would strongly recommend our RapidPad foundation system.



Our RapidPad foundations offer a quick and easy installation method with minimum digging out and a perfect finish to your building. If however you are looking at installing a Thatched Gazebo we supply, as standard, 5mm thick Hot Dipped Galvanised Brackets that sit underneath the main posts and allow you to attach your Dunster House African Thatched Gazebo to an existing concrete slab or paved area. Due to the thickness of these brackets they provide a drip so that water does not accumulate at the bottom of the post, which prolongs the life of the timber and allows us to offer you our 10 year timber guarantee. These metal brackets which take the brunt of the water are also covered by a 10 year structural guarantee against rust.


Our RapidPad foundations are ideal if you plan to self install, they save you time and money. Should you opt for our own teams of Installers (not subcontractors) to install your Gazebo for you then this system allows them to quickly do a professional job without the need for a concrete mixer. It also ensures that the timber will last longer because it forms a natural drip for water to be able to run off the timber quickly rather than being encased in concrete which due to the constant dampness caused by being in ground conditions will lead to the timber rotting more quickly.

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