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Travelling with Rabbits



Most rabbits don’t like travelling, and can find it stressful, so try not to transport them about unless necessary, and make any journeys as stress free as possible. Before embarking on any journey, ensure that your rabbit is fit and well enough to travel.


Rabbit Carry Case for TravellingThe best type of container to use is a strong plastic carrier that’s well ventilated and secure. Wicker baskets and cardboard boxes are not ideal, as they’ll be easier for rabbits to chew their way out of. The carrier should be big enough for rabbits to enter, lie comfortably in all directions and easily turn around, but small enough to give them a hiding place where they feel safe. Line the bottom of the carrier with newspaper to absorb any urine.


If your rabbit is from a bonded pair, then bring the other one along and carry them together to give comfort and support. Place familiar items in the carrier, to provide reassurance and familiar scents, especially if your rabbit has to travel alone. If you can, then try to get your rabbit acclimatised to the carrier beforehand. Try lining the carrier with fresh hay or their favourite foods and leave it lying around for inquisitive bunnies to investigate. Never try to push or force your rabbit inside their carrier, as it could cause more distress.


Make sure the carrier door is closed securely before lifting it, and that the carrier is secured safely inside the vehicle so it doesn’t move around and jolt the bunny about.


Make sure your vehicle is cool and well ventilated, and the carrier is not placed in direct sunlight. If possible, try to avoid travelling during hot weather. Extra care should be taken when travelling on a hot day so your rabbit doesn’t become overheated. Cover the carrier to block out the sun (ensuring there’s still adequate ventilation), or use sun visors on the car windows.


Be sure to keep your rabbit supplied with plenty of hay and fresh water to eat and drink throughout the journey. If going on a long journey, keep a close eye on your rabbit and make regular stops to give them a break.


As with any animal, never leave your rabbit unattended in a vehicle during high temperatures, as they could overheat and die.