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Wheelie bin store
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Our Wheelie Bin Store is ideal for hiding 3 bins from view in the garden. The latched front doors have no lower frame, allowing the bins to be easily wheeled in and out of the generous storage space, while the hinged roof panels and stay arms make it easy to access the bins to deposit rubbish. The entire structure is made from pressure treated timber, guaranteed for 10 years against rot and insect infestation.


The Triple Wheelie Bin Store has a hard-wearing, solid frame and comes in panels for easy construction, including a rear panel, which means you can use it free-standing, or near a wall or hedge, as you choose. 

Product Features
Heavy Duty Framework Wheelie Bin Store
Heavy Duty Framework
Our Wheelie Bin Stores have slatted walls, door, roof and rear panels built onto a solid framework (of 42mm posts) to withstand harsh weather and rough handling. This heavy-duty framework means your bin store will stand up to rough weather and rough handling. 
Fully Presure Treated Wheelie Bin Store
Fully Pressure Treated
All of the timber used in the construction of the Wheelie Bin Store is pressure treated with Tanilith "E" Tanatone. We guarantee all of our pressure treated timber for 10 Years against fungal decay and insect infestation without any need for the customer to apply treatment during this time. 
Rear Wall - Freestanding Triple Wheelie Bin Store
Rear Wall - Freestanding
This wheelie bin store includes a rear wall panel, which means that it can be located "free-standing" on its own, and does not need to be near a wall, fence or hedge (though it can be if you wish). This effectively allows you the freedom to locate your store in the best place for you.
No Glued Together Off Cuts Wheelie Bin Store
No Glued Together Offcuts
Our wheelie bin store is made from full lengths of spruce. We don’t glue together shorter lengths of whatever wood is handy, using finger joints. This means our entire building is stronger and more attractive. 
Spacious Interior Wheelie Bin Store
Spacious Interior
The generous interior volume of the wheelie bin store means that there is plenty of room to move a standard 240-Litre bin into position or wheel it out. There's no need to squeeze bins into tight spaces! 
No Floor Lip Wheelie Bin Store
No Floor Lip
The framework of the Wheelie Bin Store has no lower lip to bump the bins over, making it a doddle to get them in and out in a hurry. Useful in rainy conditions, or when the bins are full and heavy.
Stay Arm Wheelie Bin Store
Stay Arm
A wooden stay arm swings out into place as you open the roof-panels, holding them safely in place until you’re ready to release each one. This means you can use both hands and not strain yourself when placing items in the bins.
Wheelie Bin Stores Fixing Pack
Fixings Included
We include all the screws, bolts, nails and other fixings needed to put this unit together - not everyone is that thoughtful. It also saves you having to worry about what sort of bolts, nails etc. you'll need, what length and other such things, the right fixing for the job is included in the kit!
Wheelie Bin Stores 10 Year Guarantee
Wheelie Bin Stores 10 Year Guarantee
10 Year Guarantee
Your storage unit is fully pressure-treated. Pressure treatment means the treated timber is guaranteed against rot and insect infestation for 10 years. It protects your timber thoroughly: you won't need to re-treat for at least ten years or worry about little critters causing havoc.
What Is A Wheelie Bin Store?
A: A Wheelie Bin Store is a storage unit used to store 240L wheelie bins. It can be sited next to your house, wall, fence, hedge or free standing. It has a sloped roof, with hinged lids and a stay arm for daily disposal, plus large doors at the front to wheel the bins out for emptying.
What Foundation Do I Need For This unit?
A: We recommend a flat, level concrete base at least 100mm bigger on each side, than its dimensions. See more details here.
What Timber is this made from?
A: We use 100% slow-grown spruce timber, which is preserved with pressure treatment (see below). Spruce is denser, less knotty and less porous than pine and less susceptible to mould.
Do You Offer Any Guarantees Or Warranties On This Product?
A: We offer a genuine 10-year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on the pressure treated timber in this product.
How High Is This Storage Unit?
A: It is 1.37m (4' 5") high
Do I Need Planning Permission For This Product?
A: We recommend you check with the Government’s planning portal to be sure.
Does This Product Need Treating?
A: This storage unit is pressure treated so will not need retreating for up to 10 years. However, you may wish to treat with water repellant for timber maintenance.
Where Can I Visit You? Do You Have A Store Near Me?
A: We have 6 branches across the UK. Click here to find the nearest one! Please check with us before you visit if you are travelling to see a particular product.

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