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Dunster House Ltd.
Incorporated. 1994
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Dunster House

We understand that making your purchase

is an investment for you and your family’s future, so why not come and be inspired at one of our six branch display gardens located throughout the UK.

Allow us to demonstrate just how affordable our range is, that we never compromise on quality or attention to detail. After all, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, so please come check us out before you buy!

Our highly trained staff are courteous and knowledgeable and happy to discuss your personal requirements. They are more than happy to spend time talking you through all the options available until you find the product that most suits for your needs.

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Our branches not only mean that we can keep the fuel costs down to a minimum, as we very rarely need to send our drivers on expensive overnight trips to get to you, but also keeps our costs down, as all the branches have warehouses. For opening times and directions see our visit us page.

When making your selection beware as there are now so many online companies springing up and many of these have an increasing reliance upon computer-generated imagery (CGI), as they may never have prototyped, manufactured or built the products shown. These images are also mis-leading as they often depict their timber as being near perfect, which in reality it is not!

We also use CGI for product images (because it’s quicker and keeps our costs and prices down), but we draw the line by not using it for close-ups and wherever possible, we use real close-up photos. This allows us to show just how good our slow-grown spruce timber actually is, rather than the fantasy of perfect computer drawn timber that others choose to show. We also have 1000’s of customer images online so you can see the real product built by real people like you.

To learn more about what we do, click on an image below!

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Dunster House
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