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What are the features of a Dunster House Atlas and Hercules Garage?

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atlas double garage with open doorOur Atlas and Hercules Garages are superbly built using tongue and groove timbers of the highest quality. All of timber used for these garages is pressure treated. All of our pressure treated timber carries a genuine 10 year guarantee against fungal and decay and insect infestation.





The Atlas Garage comes in two configurations; our compact 3.2 x 3.2m and large double 6.04 x 3.2m garage have been designed to secure your car safely throughout the year. Our Hercules Garages come in three configurations, our single 3.2 x 6.04m, our double 6.04 x 6.04m and our humongous 8.89 x 6.04m triple garage ensure that we have garages built and designed with you in mind.



The walls of the garages are made using spruce. This is a whitewood so produces a lot less sap than pine, so there's less risk of sap marking your prized car.



carport side wood panels

The wall panels are made from tongue and groove timbers and come assembled as full panels, it allows for easy construction and a structurally stable garage. We use deeper tongues and longer grooves than our competitors in our garden buildings. This allows for natural expansion of timber due to the weather, while minimising the possibility of gaps forming between each panel.




hercules side store garage

Our Hercules Garages come with the option to add a sidestore. Sidestores provide the perfect protection for large garden equipment such as rakes, spades and lawnmowers or even motorcycles. We offer two different types of side stores; our open sidestore acts as a log store as well as providing protection for your garden equipment. For maximum protection our enclosed sidestore ensures your garden utensils are kept safe and dry.




The large double garages doors use gate style hinges to give a more rustic feel to the garage. This is combined with a standard 2 point locking system to help secure your vehicle and tools. 

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