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What tools do I need to assemble my Climbing Frame?
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Have you just purchased a Dunster House Climbing frame, and are now questioning ‘what tools do I need to assemble my climbing frame?’. Let us talk you through the list of tools you require to put your climbing frame together quickly, safely and efficiently.


You may find that some of the tools listed you will be able to locate in your toolbox, however, there are some pieces of equipment that you may have to borrow from a friend or buy. A good quality set of DIY hand tools are key as you want the overall structure of the climbing frame as tight and safe as possible.


What tools do I need to assemble my climbing frame - answered!


The Tools List




All our climbing frames come as a DIY flat-pack kit, meaning each element screws into one another. A high quality electric screwdriver is a tool you may want to source as this will give you peace of mind that the screws are tight. As well as all the screws being securely fitted an electric tool will reduce the amount of time required in comparison to a hand screwdriver. 




Due to the natural properties of timber, you will find it expands and contracts. This will more so occur as all our climbing frames are fully pressure treated. Therefore, predrilled holes for the bolts may reduce in size slightly. We recommend firstly re-drilling these holes, however you may want to gently tap some of the more difficult bolts through. 




There are two variations of holes required when assembling your climbing frame. The large holes for the bolts are already pre-drilled, however the holes for the smaller screws are not. We always suggest pre-drilling holes, as this will avoid the timber from splitting. 


Socket Set 


To strengthen the overall climbing frame a vast majority of the joints on the climbing frame are bolted as well as screwed. This extra addition gives the climbing frame that durability, but it does mean getting hold of a socket set. 


Climbing frames with NO monkey bars - require a 10mm socket


Climbing frames WITH monkey bars - require an 8mm socket 


Depending on whether there are other configurations and optional extras it may be best to get your hands on a whole socket set. 


Adjustable Spanner 


All traditional swings and optional extra swings are to be hooked onto the wrap-around swing hooks. Using wraparound hooks rather than bolt through ones helps the timber stay intact and strong. An adjustable spanner is required to tighten these, and if you have a variation of swings that you plan to alternate and change it would be handy to have one lying around in the toolbox. 


Spirit Level


Ensure the climbing frame is level when being constructed, as this will impact the overall safety of the product.




There is digging involved when it comes to assembling your climbing frames. The large ground anchors that are supplied to keep the product stationery need to be dug into the ground. If the area you are placing the climbing frame is surrounded by loose soil then you may find that you can screw the ground anchor in. Wedging the anchor as deep as possible will mean that it will not budge, making the climbing frame safe and secure for your little ones. You may have come across plastic anchors and wonder why we don’t supply them as they are easier to flush into the ground. The easier it goes in, it will mean that it is just as easy to come out. 


Right... Hopefully, now we have answered your questions - ‘what tools do I need to assemble my climbing frame?’


This list of tools may seem daunting to some, especially if you are not someone that does a lot of DIY. If you are unable to source the tools from a friend, then making that investment is worthwhile as it makes the garden play equipment safe and secure. 


If you are still a little concerned or have any more questions to follow up from the - what tools do I need to assemble my climbing frame then do not hesitate to give us a call on 01234 272445 or email enquiries@dunsterhouse.co.uk

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