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A Good Quality Looking Shed
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A Good Quality Looking Shed

finli shed in the garden

This case study focuses on John and Ruth Thompson's story and their sturdy and yet good looking Dunster House Finli Shed.

Here is his story.

A Dedicated Space

As a keen gardener, Ruth was in need of a dedicated place to store all of her gardening tools and other stuff that gardeners just love having.

Since 2012 when John and Ruth bought a new house in Eversham, Worcestershire, there was nowhere to store garden tools "It was all in the garage and taking up valuable space."

"We needed a shed that could be dedicated to garden tools etc. The garage could then be used for the car and all the related tools, cleaning stuff for the car," said John about the reasons for purchasing a new shed.

interior of a wooden shed

Choosing a Dunster House Garden Building

However, there were also some constraints regarding this purchase and some characteristics that were mandatory, according to John: "We live just a few minutes from the coast with strong winds that blow off the sea. The shed needed to be well made and strong enough to withstand the winds and of good quality wood to resist the sea air."

With too many options in the market, the process of buying a shed still took a while. "We visited the likes of B&Q and various garden centres in the area - all the sheds we saw were of flimsy construction and rough sawn timber which would not have lasted at all well in our location."

But in the end the choice was really obvious and just staring them right in the face. "We saw the Dunster House products on the website and they looked much better - good quality timber and strong construction. They were more expensive than the others but you get what you pay for. We also found that other on line suppliers would not deliver to Cornwall!"

wooden shed in the garden

The Building Process

John was quite happy and satisfied with the overall excellent service offered by our company; from ordering the product through our sales team to the delivery of the shed everything was faultless. "No problems with placing the order and delivery was prompt. Delivery man helped with the offloading of the shed. Altogether a very good service."

The building process was also an easy task despite some issues with the terrain: "Building the shed was easy with good instructions to follow. Our biggest challenge was getting a piece of level ground on which to build it. We located it in a corner of the garden and put in some decking to create the level area for the shed."

"The size of 1.8m X 1.8m was important as that was the largest size we could fit in the space we had. Being a square shape allows for maximum storage and use of the space."

shed in the garden

The finished product was exactly everything that John had hoped for: "The good quality looking shed fits in well in our garden and blends in with the Summer House and decking which are above it. It does not obstruct any view of the sea and gives my wife a dedicated space for all her garden stuff."

Not One, But Two Dunster House Sheds

Really impressed with the quality of the product and the superb service altogether, John decided that he wouldn't have just one Dunster House Shed, but he would be the proud owner of two!

"We also bought a Dunster House work shed for another part of the garden which we now use as a workshop and base for DIY work."

The Finli Shed has also been a success among friends and family. "A number of friends have commented on how good it looks and where did we get it."

When asked if he would buy from Dunster House again and would recommend the company, John replied: "Yes definitely."

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interior of a summerhouse banner

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