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collaboraitions Lauren steadman

Paralympic Champion and Triathlete

Lauren Steadman MBE
Visit Paralympic Athlete Lauren Steadman’s “PAIN CAVE” Log Cabin!

Lauren needed a space where she could focus her efforts on her training.

Product: Terminator Log Cabin W2.5m x D2m | Pent Roof Log Cabin

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Explore Youtubers’ @lifewithmalamutes Log Cabin!

Emma needed a log cabin for her ever expanding family which includes three malamute dogs, a cat and a small daughter.

Product: Avon Log Cabin W3.0m x D3.0m | Log Cabins | Dunster House

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diy sos

Featuring Nick Knowles

We had the absolute pleasure of supporting the DIY SOS team in the supply and installation of one of our premium log cabins. The cabin was donated to a family who had faced substantial hardship.

Product: Terminator Log Cabin W2.5m x D2m | Pent Roof Log Cabin

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kelsey parker

Kelsey Parker
TV Personality

The wife of the late Tom Parker from the boyband The Wanted. Known most recently for her ITV show “Life after Tom” and the fantastic work that Kelsey does at K2K dance school as  co founder along with Kelsey Bowden.

Both Kelseys needed a place to expand the K2K dance school and that’s where we were able to step in with our Terminator-grande-w8-5m-x-d3-5m log cabin!

london family

The @Ldnfamily
TikTok Personalities

When they aren’t dancing to their favourite tunes, the ldnfamily needed a Climbing Frame to entertain their two children.

Product: Terminator Log Cabin W2.5m x D2m | Pent Roof Log Cabin (


Made in Chelsea’s Tiffany Watson TV and lifestyle personality

Tiffany Watson is a lifestyle and TV personality most famous for her role in Made in Chelsea. Having caught her attention with our fantastic social media reviews, she decided to buy one of our Titania Garden Offices, which is the perfect fit for Tiffany’s garden. She picked a Titania Garden Office as it was most in keeping with her property and provided the contemporary style that she was after.

Product:  Titania Garden Office W3.3m x D2.7m | Garden Offices (


ITV love Your Garden Shed

As seen on ITV’s Love Your Garden
Featuring Alan Tichmarsh

We have collaborated with ITV’s Love Your Garden on numerous occasions over the years, supplying garden buildings to deserving local heroes across Britain. Most recently, we’ve featured in five episodes in 2023.

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kyle amor collaborations

Kyle Amor
International Rugby League Player & Sports Pundit

Kyle needed a log cabin to store his rugby memorabilia along with a space where he could create the perfect garden bar for socialising and entertaining.

Severn with uPVC Insulated Log Cabin W5m x D4m | Log Cabins (

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