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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Promoting a positive impact on society is something we strongly believe here at Dunster House. Over the last 25 years we have been fortunate to expand our business into the huge family we are today. Using our growth, we aim for a better future tomorrow. We plan on doing this by supporting those that are less fortunate, as well as focusing on environmental issues facing our planet. 


The selfless act of donating has a very positive effect, not only is it self-rewarding but more importantly, it supports the community and those in need. We believe in giving to the less fortunate which is why we regularly donate our timber goods to charities, people in need or care homes.

Our most recent donation was to Huntly Football Club, local to our Huntly Distribution Centre.

It was truly a privilege for us to contribute to their cause by providing a specially designed viewing space. We custom-designed one of our Log Cabins, offering shelter and easy access to spectators with physical disabilities who visit the football ground. As a company, we typically don't provide a custom design service, but for this particular initiative, we were compelled to go the extra mile. We firmly believe in giving back to the community that has embraced and supported us throughout our journey and wanted to say thank you for the opportunities the local area has provided to us.

Donation to Huntly Football Club of custom built Disabled Viewing Log Cabin

Huntly Football Club are delighted with the cabin and are looking forward to the supporters coming along to see it at the start of the season.

Our contributions include a donation to Sue Ryder St John's Hospice

Corporate Social Responsibility - Dunster House Donated Climbing Frame to St Johns Hospice

We are proud to say we will be a part of their great Easter charity event where we have donated our HexaFort climbing frame for their silent auction. The event takes place on the 5th of April 2020 and we hope it is a great success.

Another contribution earlier this year includes supporting local philanthropist Trevor Coult MC, who seeks to help veterans by housing the homeless, furthermore sharing advice on veteran’s welfare through the House of Commons and the Ministry of Defence. We at Dunster House were able to contribute towards this great cause by donating one of our lovely cabins for a raffle in order to raise funds to open a mobile clinic for veterans. The raffle was a success and Trevor was able to raise £3,089 to help towards the clinic.     

Other local regions we were privileged to support include donating to The Bus Shelter in Milton Keynes. The shelter aims to relieve homelessness in the Bedfordshire area. Our ex-display Massimo Garden Office is now being put to a good use as an extra space for volunteers and to shelter residents.

In addition, we had the opportunity to donate a cabin corner bar to a care home in Birmingham. Some of members of staff attended the launch party and it was a touching moment when our small contribution was met with laughter and joy from the recipients.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Care home group photo dunster house log corner bar donation

Environmental Concerns

Environmental concerns are something that should be considered in all areas. In the last few decades, the exploitation of our planet and degradation of our environment has gone up at an alarming rate, thus the importance of an eco-friendly ethos and sustainability within a company is vital, even the smallest of changes will contribute towards making an impact in saving our planet.

As a wooden garden building manufacturer and supplier, we try our best to reduce environmental issues that are in our control. Where we can, we adopt eco-friendly practices throughout various stages of our business.  

At our headquarters, we even use a biomass boiler to heat our offices when necessary. 

As part of our efforts to reduce our collective carbon footprints many of our staff use alternative transport to commute to work. With the environment in mind, many carpool, use public transport, bike or even walk to work.

Furthermore, we take extra caution in the selection of our timber. Slow grown spruce, our timber of choice, is carefully handpicked to abide with our sustainable goals. This means we always make sure our timber comes from sustainable sources.

We also offer eco-friendly ways to deliver our timber products to you. When choosing a delivery date for your garden building make sure you spot the "Eco-Delivery" sign at the bottom of a proposed delivery date.

Corporate Social Responsibility - eco delivery sign

Our Eco Delivery means we add your delivery when our vehicle is already going to your area. Therefore, your delivery will leave the lowest possible carbon footprint to the environment.

Humanitarian Projects

Our Humanitarian department has grown immensely over the past 6 years. The department is dedicated solely to finding solutions to humanitarian crisis by using our expertise, resources and knowledge of design and manufacturing.

To read more about our current projects please see below:

Corporate Social Responsibility - Hand Washing Kit    Corporate Social Responsibility - Pee Power Project    Corporate Social Responsibility - Urine Diversion  

          Hand Washing Kit                                Pee Power                               Urine Diversion Insert 


According to the World Health Organization the lack of proper sanitation, better water or basic hygiene, are still the main cause of death for 361,000 children aged under 5 each year.

That being said we are proud to say we are working in partnership with NGO’s including Oxfam and Humanitarian Innovation Fund to manufacture the first ever Hand Wash Kit which will be launching in February 2020.

Another exciting project includes Pee power Urinal. This is a collaboration with the University of West England, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, using an emergency pissoir to generate urine into electricity! This has been tested for three consecutive years in Glastonbury Festival leading to incredible results.

To learn more about this project feel free to read of the following publications based on our Pee Power Urinals:

UWE project generates electricity from urine at Glastonbury - The London Economic 

Pee Power to light up Glastonbury – Bristol24/7

Pee Power toilet trialled in Bristol – ITV.com


Corporate Social Responsibility - UWE Corporate Social Responsibility - Melinda and Bill Gates  


We truly believe that every business can make a global impact. We are working hard to try and make this world a safer and better place. In the past years, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of sanitation equipment for national and international charities, being an official supplier of major Non-Govrment Organizations (NGO’s). Our Squatting Plates and our different types of latrines are currently providing disaster relief to people around the world, while we continue to research and work closely with different organisations to keep providing help to people in need. To read more about our work head over to our Humanitarian Website, or follow us on social media. 

Timber Development UK

As members of Timber Development UK, (TDUK), Dunster House is committed to ensuring procurement of timber and manufactured forest products that are sourced from legal and well-managed forests.

They will also need to comply with UK Timber Regulations, (UKTR), and EU Timber Regulations (EUTR).

This sustainability policy will apply to all timber purchases from the UK and overseas.

These also need to have been certified to credible certification standards, i.e. FSC or PEFC.

As a cornerstone of that commitment, we will pursue a Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP).

This is to promote the use and marketing of legal and environmentally responsible forest products.

Timber Development Logo

Our full Timber Sustainability Policy.

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