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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Over the last 20 years we have worked hard and have been very privileged to expand into the huge family we are today. However, we are aware of the suffering that is so frequent in other less-fortunate countries and the many environmental issues our planet is facing. While most of issues stem from things we take for granted daily, as a company we feel it’s our duty to contribute to a better future for everyone.


Therefore, we try to help out as much as we can, from small acts of kindness such as donating timber goods, to large-scale projects with ambitious aims like using alternative means of transport and our humanitarian efforts and product range.


Environmental Concerns

We appreciate that the nature of our company may contribute towards environmental concerns. As a wooden garden building manufacturer and supplier, we try our best to reduce environmental issues that are in our control. Wherever we can, we adopt eco-friendly practices throughout various stages of our business.  


As part of our efforts to reduce our collective carbon footprints many of our staff use alternative transport to get to work. With the environment in mind, many carpool, use public transport, bike or even walk to work.


Furthermore, we take extra caution in the selection of our timber. Slow grown spruce, our timber of choice, is carefully handpicked to abide with our sustainable goals. This means we always make sure our timber comes from sustainable sources. You can now rest assured your purchases cause no harm to the environment.


As if that wasn't enough, wherever possible we offer eco-friendly ways to deliver our timber products to you! When choosing a delivery date for your garden building make sure you spot the "Eco-Delivery" sign at the bottom of a proposed delivery date.


eco delivery sign

This is what it’ll look like!


Our Eco Delivery means we add your delivery when our vehicle is already going to your area. Therefore, your delivery will leave the lowest possible carbon footprint to the environment.




As a company we think that giving without expecting anything in return is more than an act of charity. It’s a necessity and that’s why we regularly donate our timber goods to charities, people in need or even care homes. Helping our fellow human beings costs us nothing and yet it can mean a lot to those in need.


Our latest contributions include a spacious contemporary office that was donated to MK Bus shelter. This Milton Keynes-based shelter aims to relieve homelessness in the Bedfordshire area. Our ex-display Massimo Garden Office is now being put to a good use as an extra space for volunteers and shelter residents alike.


Ex Display Massimo Contemporary Garden Office Dunster House Donation MK Shelter Bus

Moreover, we had the opportunity to donate a cabin corner bar to a care home in Birmingham. Some of members of staff attended the launch party and it was a touching moment when our small contribution was met with laughter and joy from the recipients.


Care home group photo dunster house log corner bar donation


Humanitarian Acts and Product Ranges


Annually 3.4 million people die from diseases such as cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea, all caused through lack of access to proper sanitation. When access to clean water is often limited, if at all available, contaminated water and water borne diseases become widespread and trigger thousands of deaths every day.


Lack of basic sanitation is also a major issue in places suffering from natural disasters and conflicts such as South Sudan and Central Africa. In addition to not having enough food, people are faced with a lack of clean drinking water or basic sanitation. Despite the establishment of temporary camps, clean water and safe sanitation are still scarce.



Unfortunately, there are many countries that are often ignored and left to suffer on their own. As a company we couldn't stand idly, so we took steps to add our small assistance, and after years of hard work, we successfully opened our Humanitarian department; a department dedicated solely to finding solutions to the lack of sanitation. Our aim is to supply a varied range of disaster relief products to those affected by natural disasters or conflict, as part of emergency relief efforts.

As official suppliers of squatting plates to Oxfam and raised latrines to UNICEF we work closely with them, towards relieving the lack of sanitation. So far we have sent to communities in need, products such as:  


           Raised Latrines                                                            Dunster Slab squatting plate                                  Latrine Superstructures


Raised Latrine Dunster House Humanitarian

Dunster Slab squating plate dunster house humanitarian sanitation product rangeLatrine superstructure emergency relief sanitation dunster house humanitarian product range


As much as we would like to, no person or company can solve all the problems of the world. We hope that world governments, charities, NGOs and people from all walks of life come together to tackle poverty, famine, climate change and civil unrest. If done right, over time we can learn how to limit the damage caused by natural disasters. In the meantime, we will continue to use our means and expertise come up with ideas that can help, if only a little.


Dunsterhouse Humanitarian


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