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Incorporated. 1994
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We have worked hard and have been very privileged for our company to have expanded so much over the past 20 years into the huge family we are today.  However, we cannot help but be aware of the suffering that is so frequent in other less fortunate countries. These stem from issues that most of us take for granted daily such as lacking proper sanitation or the tools to survive and many other problems.   Some of the issues could be lessened through companies, such as ourselves, coming up with designs and ideas to try and provide solutions to problems that countless people around the world face every day.


Annually, 3.4 million people die from diseases such as cholera, fluorosis and Arsenicosis, all caused through lack of access to proper sanitation.  The need for temporary camps in places such as South Sudan and Central Africa is increasing rapidly as people are left homeless due to the civil unrest.  These camps are often very basic and leave people fearing for their lives with no clean water, little food and no sanitation.  We are working closely with Oxfam to try and help solve this problem; working together, we have provided hundreds of raised latrines, providing people with lockable toilets to not only deal with sanitation problems but also to deter sexual and gender based attacks.   We are constantly liaising with Oxfam to adapt our range to try and combat as many of these issues as possible.


We have also designed humanitarian products to help out in the event of a natural disaster.  When natural disaster strikes, it leaves devastation in its path.   Homes are swept away in an instant as a town is flattened, leaving thousands stranded with nowhere to go.   We have therefore designed an interim housing solution that can be dismantled and moved wherever it may be needed. The Teemore can be used as a house, capable of hosting a family of 6 people, 10 if extended.  It can also be used as a crucial medical centre or school to ensure that normality is restored as quickly as possible.  



Rebuilding a life after such a traumatic experience is undoubtedly going to be difficult, but many people are more than willing to work hard to do just that.   Dunster House supports charities such as Tools for Self Reliance, a UK based charity that works to relieve poverty in Africa.  They provide people with the tools they need to create a business and work to get themselves out of poverty and create a better life for themselves.  Dunster House continually donates old tools that are no longer being used by our factories or install team, along with some financial help.


As much as we would like to, no person or company can solve all of the problems of the world.  We hope that world governments, charities, NGOs and people from all walks of life come together to tackle poverty, famine and civil unrest and that over time we can learn how to limit the damage caused by natural disasters. In the meantime, our company will continue to use our means and expertise to work alongside great charities such as Oxfam, UNICEF and others, coming up with ideas that can help, even if only a little.  

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