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A Photography Studio in your Back Garden
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  • Product: Premium Severn W5.0m x D3.0m
  • Category: Log Cabin
  • Year Purchased: 2015
  • Tags: Work, office

A Photography Studio in your Back Garden

blue summerhouse at night

Jerome Davies, analyst and photographer, has turned our amazing Premium Severn W5.0m x D3.0m into a photography studio. Living in Daventry, Northamptonshire, with his wife and 2 children, he felt the need to have a dedicated space in his own garden instead of continuing to pay rent for a studio.

No more paying rent

After deciding to buy a garden building instead of paying rent for a studio for his part time business Jerome was far from disappointed. As he explained to us, the log cabin has been a great asset to his photography business and above all it has saved him loads of money in studio rent.

"As a part time photographer I was renting studio space and was looking for an alternative as the cost of rent was on the increase. I thought about looking at a garden building and I kept hearing the name Dunster House. After visiting the Bedford branch I decided on the Premium Severn 5 x 3 with the thicker logs"

And was it worth it? "The cabin has been used many times for photo shoots as this is its main function and with no rent to pay on studio space it will pay for itself in less than 10 months. We have found that it also works well as a cinema for my daughters as we have a projector which projects onto my 2.5 meter wide photography backdrop," said Jerome.

As for the mandatory characteristics which he felt the building had to have, the list was somewhat extensive.

"I needed the cabin to be at least 2.5 meters wide so that I could fit my 2.5m backdrop to the wall. Also I wanted the length to be at least 5 meters so that I could have a seating area at one end. At first I thought the height would be a problem however it has not restricted me in my photography work."

interior of a photography studio

Choosing a Dunster House product

Jerome explained the ultimate factor that influenced his decision on choosing a Dunster House product. He did not feel the need to visit any other companies display centres or any garden centres.

"The main reason for choosing Dunster was the price. You get a lot of cabins for a great price compared with other companies."

Impressed by the service provided by our company, mainly from our Sales and Customer Service teams, Jerome was truly happy with the whole process. He found the staff at Dunster House very friendly and was delighted when they quickly answered all questions he had prior to the purchase. The cabin also arrived on time and in Jerome's opinion the delivery drivers did a great job unloading in a very quick time.

"I was very satisfied with the customer service at Dunster House. I even miss placed my construction documents but after firing off a quick e-mail a new set were with me in no time."

The Building Process

Jerome did not attempt to build the cabin on his own. Instead he asked one of his mates to help and the building was pretty ready in no time at all.

"I had a builder friend help me out on the day of construction. We had a couple of issues with warped logs but with a bit of force and soaking we got them in. It went together like a big 3D jigsaw as was quite enjoyable to see it coming together when each log was slotted in. We had everything in place apart from the roof felt in a single day and we did not rush."

Although he had not imagined any specific design for the garden building he knew that it needed to be wide enough and long enough to function as a photo studio.

Jerome is quite happy with the end result and all of the benefits the cabin has brought. "The main benefit for me is the fact that I now have my own studio space on my doorstep. It fits really well in the garden too and don't intrude onto the grassed area."

interior of a photo studio log cabin

Everyone is well impressed

When asked about other people's comments and reactions, Jerome explained how everyone was amazed and impressed with the good value for money.

"I do a lot of kids and family photo shoots and the one thing the kids always say is 'Can we have one of these in our garden'. Everyone who has visited can't believe how cheap it was when they see how solid it is."

"I would recommend Dunster House every time and have already done so to friends who are looking for garden rooms and outdoor structures."

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