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We firmly believe in producing cost effective products that encourage property owners to save money, reduce their Energy Bills and also reduce their Carbon Footprint, and we do this by using a range of materials that we already use in our other products.


The air entering your home is warmed fresh air, which is beneficial to your health: the negative ions in this air increase the level of Serotonin in your body, which boosts your standard of attention and relieves stress. This is because the negatively charged air creates an atmosphere similar to the seaside.


For UK applications, the MKII Solar Air Heater in average room of proportion 12ft x 12ftx 8ft (1152 cubic feet), our MKII unit produces an average of 120 cubic feet per minute at 80% efficiency – at this rate, the unit is producing 7200cfm every solar hour, and is thus changing that room's air over 6 times per solar hour. In a house of between 3000 cubic feet and 6000 cubic feet, the unit would replace the air between seven and fourteen times every six solar hours at a radiation level of 700 W/m² during Winter irradiance levels (around 1300 W/m² during Summer irradiance levels).


Please Note:


a) Reduce heating cost from other sources, primary and otherwise. 
b) Provide positive air pressure into a property, absorb moisture and force that damp air out of the building