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All About Wall Thickness
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What is the best log cabin wall thickness?


If you intend to use your log cabin all-year-round - rather than seasonally - you should choose a log cabin wall thickness that is as thick as possible, to maximise the insulation. U-Values provide a measure of the heat transfer through different materials, to allow you to compare options.


We use interlocking tongue & groove timber in our walls to provide strength and stability, it also allows timber to naturally expand and contract.


28mm wall thickness log dunster house 

 Our 28mm walls are ideal for medium sized buildings for seasonal use (U-Value 2.59 W/m² K)





45mm log wall thickness
 Our 45mm walls contain over 60% more wood than a 28mm wall and are ideal for use all-year round. (U-Value 1.93 W/m² K) 





130mm wall thickness log

Our 130mm walls are a cabin-within-a-cabin. The two walls float independently - unlike some competitors - this ensures that as the outer wall expands and contracts in more extreme weather, it doesn’t pull the inner wall out of place. The walls have a 70mm air cavity in-between to provide even more insulation. This air cavity allows you to insulate your walls with a material of your choice, so if your budget does not reach for a TripleTherm cabn or if you feel you have a better insulation option available ​to you. We recommend these for home offices and cabins being used all-year-round. (U-Value 1.28 w/m²) 

   130mm wall thickness log The 130mm walls consists of one 28mm external wall, 70mm air gap (which can be filled with Polyurethane insulation. See step 3 'Insulation Options') and a 28mm inner wall. The two walls are not connected to each other - unlike competitors systems - to ensure that; as the outer wall expands and contracts with changing weather, and the inner wall dries out in a warmer environment or soaks up moisture from excess trapped humidity, that the two walls don't pull each other in separate directions or create gaps since they are not connected together unlike the competitors alternative.             



145mm wall thickness log            The 145mm walls have a 70mm air cavity in between walls which in itself provides more insulation than just the timber alone giving a U-Value of 1.28 w/m2k. If you opt to purchase the Polyurethane 'Wall Insulation', we will supply you with 70mm thick Polyurethane insulation. This is a fantastic insulator, and far more effective than rockwall or polystyrene, and brings the U-Value down to just 0.29 w/m2k. This insulation helps reduce heating costs further and is ideal for anyone who intends to use their cabin all year round.          



145mm tripletherm wall thickness log       

 The 145mm walls have a 70mm air cavity left unfilled, without any Polyurethane insulation in the walls, has a U-Value of 1.09w/m2k proving that it provides more insulation than the timber alone. If you chose to opt for our Polyurethane insulation which, as an insulator is roughly twice as thermally efficient as loft insulation, gives the wall a U-Value of just 0.26 w/m2k.                                                                 

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