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Are Log Cabins Warm In The Winter?

With our wide selection of log cabins you can warm them up all up in less than 30 minutes with a small 2KW electric heater and you wouldn’t even know what the weather is like outside. However, if you are looking for a more long term solution that is already built into the cabin, we have the answer for you!

Log cabins are the most multi functional garden buildings on the market. From converting into the ultimate man cave, to running your business all year round from it or even creating a play area for your children due to the lack of space in the house. 

With all these ideas in mind, you may question what is it like to use a log cabin in the winter? When running a business from your garden, how can you be sure that you will comfortably be able to work in all seasons?

Get an extra insulated cabin

The Dunster House Warmalog collection is a unique concept made to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is built from triple tongue and groove (62mm) sandwich of timber and polyisocyanurate, offering you an equivalent U-value of a 140mm wall thickness! 

What is a U-Value?

The insulation that we provide in our cabins is called foil back polyisocyanurate, which is known to be far more superior than what some of our competitors have to offer. The floor and roof both are insulated underneath, therefore ensuring you do not lose any internal space. The floor insulation has a 50mm thick structure, and the roof has a 60mm. 

What other Dunster House features help keep the cabin warm in the winter?

Alongside the insulated floor and roof, the windows are 24mm thick double glazed with 4mm toughened glass. Having this thickness of glass really plays a big factor in keeping your cabin warm too. With all these features, the warmalog cabins achieve a U value of 0.59.

What Dunster House cabins are insulated? 

Our Warmalog Cabin collection currently consists of eight different cabin styles. 


Traditional Roof Style Cabins 




W3m x D3m


W4m x D3m


W4m x D3m


Modern Style Roof




W4m x D3m


W5m x D4m


W5.5m x D4m


Apex Style Roof 




W6m x D5m


Check out the full range here


Take a look at some of our customer warmalog photos!




Want to go a step further? Why not try a fully insulated garden office?

If you are looking to run your business from your garden building, then you might want to consider a garden office, which will keep you warm throughout the whole year. All our garden offices use polyisocyanurate insulation in the roof, walls and floor, similar to our Warmalog range. However, the windows that come with the garden office are 28mm double glazed uPVC. 

Our Titania and Helena garden office range feature a unique Izopanel roof system, which combines a hard-waring, easy clean roof surface with an attractive grooved ceiling. This is filled in between with our insulation of choice – polyisocyanurate. This Izopanel is supplied in panels which slot in to each other forming a water tight joint. This method of roofing is designed to not only be thermally efficient but quick and easy to install. 

The heat retention properties in our offices also help you spend less on your energy bills, by allowing you to not have the heating on for too long. 

Take a look at some of our customer garden office photos!


Garden Offices

Discover our garden office range

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