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Benefits Of a Summerhouse

It is sometimes hard to relax in your home. Weekends stop being about recharging your batteries and become more about getting the household chores done, ensuring everything is prepared for work and entertaining the children. By creating a space where you can go and truly unwind, while letting the stress of the day melts away, allowing you to focus and fully recharge your batteries meaning that you will be more productive in the tasks you need to complete.

Our summerhouses come in a range of sizes ensuring that you will find one ideal for you. Our long windows have elegant Georgian bars actually sculpted to the 4mm toughened glass and not simply stuck on means that they touch the glass instead of floating in front of it, like many of our competitors. This allows plenty of natural light into the building, reducing the likelihood of Vitamin D deficiency which is common in the UK, along with the mood changing benefits normally associated with sunshine. These benefits are not something that you can be duplicated from artificial lighting.

Despite the name's suggestion, summerhouses are a brilliant addition as we start to go into the winter, as they are easy to turn into cozy hideaways. Our thick 28mm and 45mm tongue and groove interlocking logs are easy to construct together, banishing unsightly gaps, and leaving you with an airtight room that is easy to warm up.

Many people worry about the damp weather and the damage it can cause to their summerhouse so are reluctant to buy one until the winter, but with our pressure treated floor bearers ensuring at least 10 years protection against rot and infestation, this needn’t be a concern. As for the rest of your building, one of the optional extra’s we provide is the treatment needed to protect your garden building. Choose this option and you can have everything you need readily available on the day of your delivery. Perfect.

Why not look at our massive summerhouse range 

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