5 DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Garden for Christmas

1. Christmas Planter

Got any old plant pots? Why not collect some twigs, which can be painted in a festive red? Then, place your twigs into the soil in a decorative arrangement, together with baubles, snippets of Christmas tree branches, and even fairy lights. Pine cones are also a great addition. No need to water these flower pots!

Decorate your Garden for Christmas - Christmas Decorations

2. DIY Reindeer

Face it, we’ve all considered buying a light-up reindeer for our garden at some point… if you want to avoid the shop-bought plastic, why not make your own! All you need to do is find some twigs or branches. You might want to use a bigger section of log for the body or head. Use hot glue or string to attach or bunch the twigs together to form the rest of the reindeer. Don’t forget the antlers- these can look great with some lights draped over them.

Decorate your Garden for Christmas - Decorations and Outdoor Lights

3. Make It Sparkle

Take advantage of different garden structures and features that you might have in your garden. The varying heights look great with lights on and can completely transform your garden into the perfect winter wonderland. Climbing frames work well for this, as do gazebos. Why not drape or hang other decorations, such as ribbons, baubles, tinsel or candy canes?

4. Candy Cane Christmas Garden

Got an empty flower bed? Make the most of the space for Christmas by planting some cute candy canes. These could even feature in a flower tray on a window sill, sprinkled with glitter.

Decorate your Garden for Christmas - Candy Cane Lights Outside

5. Santa’s Grotto

If you have a shed, log cabin or garden building, you have the perfect opportunity to transform it this Christmas into a beautiful grotto. Get out the fake snow, tinsel, stocking and other decorations to make the fairy-tale real. The kids will love it! No need for a trip to Lapland this year!

Decorate your Garden for Christmas - Christmas Tree


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