5 Questions To Ask When Buying a Garden Building

Investing in a garden building can’t be a quick or rash decision, it actually requires time in relevant research to make sure that your money is being put to good use and that the value of your property will only grow afterwards. So in the spirit of helping you out, here at Dunster House, we have come up with a shortlist of the questions every customer should ask themselves before ordering a log cabin or summer house.

What Will it be Used for?

If you intend to use your log cabin all year round, rather than seasonally, you should choose as thick as wall as possible, to maximise the insulation. Our log cabins offer the thickest interlocking tongue and groove timbers, 28mm, 45mm, and 62mm. Our 62mm thick walls are unique, it is made up of one 28mm external wall, 74mm air gap which can be filled with insulation, and a 28mm inner wall. This creates an insulation reading equivalent to 110mm walls. The two walls are not connected to each other, unlike some competitors systems – this ensures that the outer wall expands and contracts with the changing weather, the two walls don’t pull each other in separate directions and create gaps since they are not connected together.

Where Will you Put it?

Where are you intending to place your Log Cabin?  The majority of our Log Cabins are less than 2.5m tall meaning you will not need to worry about planning permission xxxxx to place your Garden Building within 2m of a garden boundary.

If you need further help on planning permission, visit the planning portal.

Gardens vary in shape and size which needs to be taken into consideration. If you buy one of our Summerhouses, you don’t want it in a position where you are constantly in shade with no light or no view of the garden. If you are buying a  Log Cabin to work from, you may want to make sure it is in the corner of your garden so you can maximise your garden space.

How Big is it?

You need to think practically about your size restrictions. What are you planning to use the garden building for? Are you planning to have friends and family over for dinner? If so, how many? Will you be holding extended family or work retreats there? It may seem like a lot of questions but you need to think about these things when planning the size.

wooden log cabin and grey wooden summer house

What Type of Cladding Will You Use?

The quality of timber in your Garden Building is crucial and will affect the cost. However, good quality timber will last a lot longer than the cheaper timber. The timber we use in our garden buildings is spruce timber, with the bearers being pressure treated. Meaning that you will have a strong, sturdy building that lasts for years to come. Another benefit of the using spruce within your garden building is that they have less sap runs that run the risk of damaging your clothes or furniture.

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What Conditions are Attached to the Warranties?

Make sure you read the fine print on Guarantees and warranties. A lot of other companies claim that they will offer 10-year guarantees on all of their Garden Buildings. Even untreated ones. These guarantees are pointless. The contract states you need to retreat your cabin ever year with a high-quality preservative. Also, you will need to film yourself annually applying treatment each year as evidence. Should you ever need to put in a claim. We don’t offer these pointless guarantees. We do offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our pressure treated timber used on our products as well as many other benefits on why to buy from us.

If you are looking for the perfect garden building, we have years of knowledge and experience to help you find the right one. We’ve already sold millions of products to the UK, offering free delivery on most orders with many unique features, start shopping now and find your perfect garden space now.


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