Addroom Garden Room Extra Living Space

If you’re truly looking for a house conservatory alternative, but your stuck on ideas of how to utilise the space to enhance your living area, it’s worth considering an Addroom to be the star of your project.


In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at how a number of our customers chose to utilise their garden space with an Addroom as a conservatory alternative! We’ll explore the creative ways in which they’ve transformed their new living areas, providing you with ideas and insights to inspire your own conservatory project. Whether you’re seeking a home office, extra living space, or a versatile space for a gym or games room, our customer images will offer valuable inspiration for your house conservatory journey!


The Home Office

Addrooms - House Extension Interior Ideas

This customer has decided to go with a relaxing home office space. Working from home has been a new, popular idea and is now the norm for many of us. Using this Addroom, this customer no longer gets distracted having their own space away from unwanted visitors and noises.


When working from home, it can also be a little dawning if you’re locked away with no natural light. All our Addrooms are supplied with uPVC windows and doors, so you’ll have no problem getting the light you need to make that workspace feel a little nicer.


The Lounge Space

Addrooms - House Extension Interior Ideas

One of the most popular choices is creating a cosy living room area. This customer is already in the Christmas spirit, with the Christmas tree up. Never too early as they say!

With some stylish wooden flooring and inviting decorations, your house conservatory alternative has transformed into a spacious, welcoming area where your loved ones can gather to unwind and enjoy quality time together.

With the use of our uPVC windows, you’re also making the most of the garden views as well as all the natural light.


The Everything Conservatory

Addrooms - House Extension Interior Ideas

You probably noticed already; this customer has decided to go all out! They’ve truly turned their room into a versatile and adaptable space! We’re not complaining! They’ve made the most of their space by adding some gym equipment, setting up a gaming area, and including a comfy sofa with a TV.

With the mention of home gyms, they are a great alternative to driving to and from a public gym. Save yourself time and money, as the cost of petrol and membership can all add-up over the years. If you’re considering a home gym, an Addroom is an excellent choice.

It just shows how versatile the Addroom garden rooms are!


The Dining Room Setup

Addrooms - House Extension Interior Ideas

If you’re facing the challenge of limited space for a dining room, why not consider the option of selecting an Addroom to craft a stylish and functional dining area? An Addroom provides a versatile solution to enhance your home’s living space and offers numerous benefits.

This customer needed more ample space to accommodate some bigger dining furniture as well as some extra storage units. The room also offers much more natural light because of the incorporated large uPVC windows and doors. Allowing natural light to flood the room for a homely finish.



If you’ve been searching and considering adding extra space to your home, consider the versatility an Addroom can bring. It’s a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution that can transform your house and can also add significant value to your home in years to come.


Check out our 30 second clip about our Addrooms for more inspiration and ideas on how you could benefit from one!


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