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All About Log Cabins


Log cabins are a year round space that can be used for absolutely anything you want it to be. The slow grown spruce timber building provides more than just an extra room, it brings life, character and a purpose to the garden.

Gardens are a place in our homes that are definitely underestimated, they have many more uses than meet the eye. With a limited amount of sunshine in the UK the occasional BBQ with the family is fabulous until it has to come to an end because of the wonders of the UK weather.

Don’t put a halt on using the garden, garden rooms allow you to keep the garden open 24/7! With so many different styles of log cabins on the market, from chalet and pent roofs to corner and gazebo log cabins there is always something made for your garden.

Let us talk you through the different variations, giving you a better insight as to what may suit your garden best.

Chalet Log Cabins
Pent Roof Log Cabins
Corner Log Cabins

All traditional chalet roof garden rooms stand out loud and proud, as the highest point of the roof is at the centre. Place the log cabin within the corner, or central to the back of your garden.

The sleek design of our pent roof log cabins are perfect for that modern, minimalistic look. Simply not taking away too much attention from the overall garden, yet still achieving that wow factor.

The corner log cabin is perfect for gardens that are limited to space and don’t want to overcrowd the garden. Cornered cabins fit this brief so well as they easily tuck away without having to lose too much space, giving you room for other garden essentials.

Lastly, the log cabin gazebo, a 2 in 1 that has a shelter for either a hot tub or dining space for those year round BBQ lovers, and a cosy corner garden room attached to it. Let the magic happen all under this one spot.

Gazebo Log Cabins

All log cabins come untreated giving you complete flexibility to do whatever you want to it. Paint the exterior and interior bright and vibrant colours to uplift the whole place. Gardens are known to be colourful and full of nature, so compliment that by choosing positive colours for the garden building.

Designing the interior and exterior of the garden building is the only thing you need to worry about, as the rest is in our hands. The security of the garden log cabin is something we have not compromised on, as all cabins are supplied with an industry leading 4-point locking system, toughened glass, internal beading and double glazed windows (depending on wall thickness). These high quality deterrents make it harder for intruders to take any action, if any.

Log cabins are a once in a lifetime investment, therefore to increase the longevity of the structure the kit comes with many high quality components as standard. The foundation of the garden room is one of the most important elements, therefore the log cabin comes with fully pressure treated floor bearers which are guaranteed for 10 years against rot and insect infestation. In order to make the building firm and solid all log cabins come with tongue and groove interlocking logs.

Lastly, to top it off, there are a number of other items that come as standard, which other competitors would charge you for. So, as mentioned the floor bearers come with the log cabin kit alongside the 19mm tongue and groove roof and floor, storm braces and fitting and fixtures.

Log cabins are versatile according to your lifestyle and needs. Make the most of the outdoor space available to you and insert that extra room without any hassle of an extension!


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