Benefits of a Solar Powered Air System


There are many benefits of a solar powered air system in your garden building, including helping you save money on energy bills and reducing your impact on the environment.

Air circulation and ventilation is important in log cabins. As they are enclosed buildings, moisture and heat will build up inside, and the last thing you want is any dampness or opportunity for mould to grow. That is why it is worth considering installing a system for air flow to help you keep moisture levels under control. The main things to think about are heating, insulation and ventilation.

Benefits of a Solar Powered Air System in a Garden Log Cabin

The Need for Ventilation

One of the primary causes of damp and condensation in a garden building is a lack of heating and ventilation. A log cabin or garden office that is not properly vented may encounter issues, as wood is a breathable and natural material. The moisture content in the timber will vary throughout the year depending on the climate and weather conditions. Without proper ventilation, your log cabin space can become damp in the winter or musty in the summer.

The best way to prevent moisture and condensation building up inside your building is to make sure it is well ventilated. This is especially important for a building that only has occasional use or spends a lot of time completely shut. A quick and simple way to ventilate the garden building is to frequently open doors and windows to let old air out and fresh air in.

Dunster House garden log cabins come with plastic vents to be installed into the walls of your log cabin to ensure airflow and minimise moisture at all times. These are included as part of the kit, and not an optional extra, as we believe they are vital in maintaining the construction of your log cabin.

Ensuring your building is airtight and well insulated will also help with temperature control and energy efficiency. Making sure the building is well maintained and protected with a durable roof covering and wood preservative, if needed, it will help prevent leaks which could cause dampness to occur.

Benefits of a Dehumidifier in Your Log Cabin

Whatever you use your log cabin building for, air circulation is important for comfort, functionality and durability. To keep the air fresh inside your log cabin and the humidity down, a dehumidifier is a worthwhile addition.

A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air, which helps to reduce damp, combat condensation and prevent mould. Therefore, it will also help to maintain reasonable temperatures inside your garden room. As it dries the air inside your building, it means you will need to use less energy on heating, so will also help reduce your utility bills.

Dehumidifiers typically work by taking in cold air from outside that naturally has less moisture in it, and warming it up before blowing it into the building. Once inside, this new air displaces the stale colder air that has a higher moisture content. It is great for creating a drier atmosphere and aiding air circulation to revive and freshen up the environment inside.

There are also health benefits to using a dehumidifier as it ensures good quality of indoor air and can help those who suffer from allergies. Fresh air is supplied to the building all year round so you can comfortably use your log cabin space throughout the seasons.

Benefits of a Solar Powered Air System in a Garden Log Cabin
Benefits of a Solar Powered Air System in a Garden Log Cabin

Benefits of Solar Power

Now more than ever we all need to think more about our energy usage and ways on how we can curtail our emissions of greenhouse gas. The release of CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the environment is having a major impact on climate change. Lower energy consumption will reduce our Carbon footprint.

Solar power is known as a green energy type, which is more eco-friendly. It is a renewable energy source, making it free from causing pollution as it does not emit any greenhouse gases. By using more solar powered appliances we can reduce the pressure and dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels. These types of energy sources are bad for the environment due to the gases they emit during combustion.

Solar energy is a clean power source that is available every day of the year. Although not as much energy is produced on a cloudy day, the sun is still present. A back up battery can be used to store excess power from sunnier days to be used on cloudier days or at night time. Therefore, it is the amount of sun throughout the whole year that counts, and not just the rays for any particular day.

One of the other big advantages to solar power compared to mains electricity is that it is a lot easier to install as it works off grid. This makes it especially suited for a garden building that is outside away from the house and nowhere near the mains supply. There is no need to trail wires across the lawn or dig up the garden to power your building.

Using solar power will also help lower your energy bills and save money on ever increasing fuel prices.

Now we have discussed the benefits of a solar powered air system, you can see why it is the ideal option for installation in a garden building if you do not have an electrical supply. Just make sure to mount it somewhere with good exposure to sunlight to optimise its use.


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