The Benefits of Garden Office Construction

When you are looking for a Garden Building, it can be daunting to discover that we do not offer installation. However we know that our Garden Offices, Log Cabins and any of our Garden Buildings can easily be constructed by any willing DIY enthusiast and maybe a few helpers. Our Garden Buildings are delivered to you with all the fixings you will need and a step by step instruction manual. What are the other benefits of Garden Office Construction?


A Drover

Feb 14, 2020

Titania Garden Office

I came across the Titania Garden Office as a solution to building a private workspace outside of my home. It turned out to be an extremely good investment. The office is solid and well insulated, and provides a lot of daylight with the almost all glass frontage. It’s already survived a few storms. 🙂

 It took 3 days to build with 3 of us working on it. A few extra days for finishing touches and putting in electricity. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


Titania garden office



Saves you Money

Opting for a Garden Building that you construct yourself can save you a large amount in the final cost. The cost of installing a Garden Building can easily run into the hundreds which can quickly take your Garden Office over budget. By opting to build it yourself, you can save money and invest it in something you’ve always wanted – perhaps a feature for your new office.


If you have any experience building, any at all, then you can build this Garden Office. All you need is time, effort and a steady stream of tea and coffee. However, if you still do not feel confident in your building capability then you can always opt to hire a third party to help construct your Garden Building.

Saves you Time

Believe it or not, opting for installation can actually save you time. You will still have to put the work in but you can make it work around your schedule rather than the availability of the installers. You can build it all in one weekend or, if you need to, you can stop in between – just make sure you cover your Garden Office if you do decide to stop mid project.


This may make the construction span over more time but is ideal if you have a busy schedule and can not commit to freeing up a solid weekend.

You are in Control

When making a large investment, which your Garden Office is, you want to ensure you know what you’re getting. What better way to get to know your project than building it from the ground up. There is no chance of confusion or miscommunication with other parties when you are in charge.


Building your Garden Office gives you an opportunity to fully inspect your Garden Office. In the rare occasion that there is something wrong, you will know immediately and can work towards getting it rectified. This prevents any delays in the finalising of your Garden Office as you will be notified of any changes immediately.

Sense of Achievement

This may seem like a weird one to add in relation to the rest but it is definitely worth noting. The feeling of achievement you will get when you step back and look at the finished project is worth all the blood sweat and tears. No longer is your Garden Office simply a Garden Office, it is a hand crafted work space.

There will never be a lull in conversation with friends and family when they come to visit as you entertain them with stories with your DIY success and failures along the way. As many people still do not feel confident completing even the most basic DIY projects, they will be in awe of your new skills.


We hope that these articles have answered any concerns you may have about building your own Garden Office, but if you have any further questions just give our sales team a call on 01234 272 445 who are happy to answer any questions you may have.


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