Keep your bike safe with our Ariane Heavy Duty Bike Shed

Whether you got a new bike for Christmas, treated yourself to a new one after payday, or already own one. Your bike should always be stored away in a dry space. This shed is the perfect size for your bike, providing you with a sheltered environment that protects your bike from rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions. Exposure to moisture and extreme temperatures can lead to your bike rusting, corroding, leading you to be unable to use it due to the damage of your bike’s components.

Whether you own an electric bike, mountain bike or your simply looking for a little extra storage space. We break down exactly why it is your essential purchase!

Bikes can be fiddly to store. You need somewhere that is out of the way, but not so far that it is out of sight out of mind. Our bike shed means you don’t have to muster the energy to go into the deep dark shed, it is rusty and requires so much work to become rideable again that you give up…before putting it back into the shed.

Gone are the days of thin, breakable sheds. Our bike shed is made from sturdy, 15mm thick timber which overlaps allowing rain to run off it easily.

These are attached to thick 35mm x 35mm pressure treated bearers. The bike shed kit is designed to be as simple for you to construct as possible. Our MR P5 Particle Board flooring comes in large boards which are easily attached to the bearers below, giving you a sturdy, robust base to start your construction with.

You could build this in as little as a weekend, just in time for a summer of quality time spent cycling the scenic routes of the UK with family and friends.

Our bike shed comes in an easy to build panel system


Our Ariane Bike Shed has enough room to store your bike, whilst still being easily accessible when you need it. At just W2m x D1m (approx), our Ariane Heavy Duty Bike Shed, is small enough that it won’t be intrusive to your garden. At three foot deep, it has plenty of space for the family’s bikes this summer.

Our bike shed has plenty of room to store your family bikes when not in use

If you don’t have bikes to store, it easily doubles as a smaller shed for gardening equipment such as lawn mowers. It is a great option, if you have a smaller garden but still need to optimise your storage.

Our bike shed can be used to store garden equipment as well as bikes
A statistic given on approximates that over $350 million (£247 million) worth of bikes and bike equipment are stolen from garden sheds each year.

Our shed, like many others on the market, features a hasp and clasp to secure your shed. Unlike others on the market,  our hasp and clasps fixing screws are covered by the metal clasp.

We have specifically designed it in a way that makes it exceptionally hard to take off the timber. The hinges are also bolted which makes a great deterrent to those who try to break the hinge and take the door off. All that is left for you to do is add a great padlock.

Even if you believe you live in a nice, safe neighbourhood it is worth locking your bike away in the evening. It is not just to keep it safe from thieves but also from the elements. Weather conditions like rain, snow, frost and damp can all prove fatal for the condition of your bike. Your metal bike won’t rust overnight, but without this stylish storage unit, given time the elements will begin to rust and erode.

Our bike shed comes with felt for the roof to protect the timber

The roof and floor of this bike storage shed is made from MR P5 Particle Board, which is not only strong, but water resistant too.

We use pressure treated timber throughout our bike shed, including the bearers underneath. This prevents it from becoming susceptible to rot and fungal decay. At Dunster House, we pre-cut our timber before treating it so you don’t have to worry about exposed ends soaking in water and rotting your shed from the inside out.

We offer a ten year guarantee on all of our pressure treated timber*. You may hear our competitors offering a guarantee, providing you annually treat your cabin. This is not a guarantee because, effectively, you are doing all the work.

This treatment means you don’t have to add any additional treatment to your shed to keep it looking as good as when it first arrives. We do ask you to annually apply a water  repellent on it, but that is it.  Although, as this customer did, you can choose to treat your shed to your style and budget.

Our bike shed comes pressure treated, but you can paint it to your own style if you wish

All the images used throughout this article are customer photos. If you think our Ariane Heavy Duty Bike Shed would look as good in your garden as it does in our previous customers, visit our website. Alternatively, if you have any questions, why not give our sales team a call on 01234 272 445.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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