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About half of the nation’s households own a bike, and according to British Cycling, around about two million people are now cycling at least once a week. While this is great for the nation’s health, how to store your bike is still an important point to consider. There are many bike storage options, ranging from throwing a tarpaulin over it to having a purpose-made building.

Bike Storage Solutions

Sheds are great storage spaces, making them a perfect outdoor bike storage solution for many home owners. Keeping the bike under a quality material protects the bike from becoming weathered, whilst also stopping any thieves that may happen to see a bike outside your house. A shed is better than a garage because they tend to be less cluttered with cars, fridges and other household extras. This means much less chance that something will accidentally puncture your tyres, or leak onto your chain.

bike storage solution - Ariane Bike Shed Dunster House

Ariane Bike Shed

This practical storage solution protects your bikes from thieves and the elements, due to its sturdy 15mm thick walls and water resistant MR P5 floor and roof. Designed for durability and function, the Ariane Bike Shed is pressure treated, so you don’t have to worry about treating your garden building. At a size of 2m x 1.2m, this bike wooden shed is ideal for gardens with limited storage space, courtyards or patios.

As far as bike storage solutions go, the bike storage shed is across the finishing line first.

Finding the Right Storage Solution for You

If you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to store your bike at home, there’s many solutions for you to choose from. But do take time considering and choosing before jumping in with a purchase.

If you don’t have room to store your bike in a garage or indoors, a bike shed is perfect due to it’s small, compact design, made perfectly to fit multiple bikes for maximum security. A bike shed doesn’t have to just store bikes, with it’s multi-purpose design, you will be able to fit other good like a lawn mower, trimers, kids toy’s, garden tools, pressure washers and much more!

bike storage solution - Ariane Bike Shed Dunster House      bike storage solution - Bike Shed Dunster House

If you are looking for something a little bigger and maybe a wooden bike shed isn’t enough for you, how about choosing the perfect garden shed for you. Sheds have the same purpose as bike sheds but of course, come at a greater size, so you will have the storage space you have been dreaming of! No more mess scattered around and having to put things in different places because your running out of room!

Shedrick Heavy Duty Shed W1.2m x D1.8m

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