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A trusted company in the market, Dunster House has over 25 years of trading (at time of writing), so you can be reassured that we have built up extensive knowledge of offering great products and service. We have many years of experience, and have grown to be one of the leading suppliers of domestic wooden climbing frames in the UK. Why buy from anywhere else, when you can buy from one of the longest established climbing frame companies?

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We offer a wide range of wooden climbing frames and play sets for children of various ages. These are packed full of fun features, including swings, slides, monkey bars, play towers, dens and climbing walls. Our unique garden play equipment is designed in-house by us, and manufactured in a factory dedicated solely to producing our high quality products.

Fully Pressure Treated

Our climbing frames are made from slow grown spruce timber that is pressure treated to give it long lasting protection against rot and insect infestation. Because the timber is pressure treated we are able to give a genuine 10 year guarantee.

Long Established Climbing Frame Company Dunster House - Pressure Treated Timber

Pressure treatment is when the preservative is forced deep into the wood, rather than just coating the exterior surface. This form of treatment gives full protection, unlike just dip treating. Due to it’s high level of protection, it will require little maintenance to keep the climbing frame in top condition. The preservative has been fully tested to ensure it is non toxic and completely safe for children.

Before treating, the timbers are cut to the required lengths to ensure all-round protection. Many others will cut the timbers after they’ve been treated, meaning the ends will be exposed and vulnerable.


Long Established Climbing Frame Company Dunster House - Safety

Safety is one of the most important things to consider when designing a children’s product, which is why we put all of our climbing frames and play sets through a rigorous testing process by an independent tester. This ensures they comply with European Safety Standard EN71, and are CE rated. Every aspect of the climbing frames are tested  to ensure they are stable and there is no chance of children getting trapped or caught.

Our garden play frames are constructed with a heavy duty framework, strong braces for extra support and durability to the structure, and heavy duty bolts are used at key stress points. The nuts and bolts are covered by rounded plastic caps for safety and protection against knocks and bumps.

Long Established Climbing Frame Company Dunster House - Safety Ground Anchors

For extra security where necessary, we supply ground anchors with our climbing frames. These are supplied as part of the kit, and not at extra cost like most others do. These anchors are made from galvanised steel that doesn’t easily corrode, and are nothing like the flimsy plastic pegs supplied by other companies. The large metal discs and long 530mm length give a firm grip buried deep into the ground, ensuring that the climbing frame stays securely in place when played on.

Comfortable Secure Swings

Long Established Climbing Frame Company Dunster House - Clamp Style Swing Hooks

We use wrap around clamp style hooks to attach our swings to the climbing frame beams. This method of attachment is much more secure and safer than drilling bolts through the wood, as they wrap around the timber, leaving it in one piece and free from any damage or weaknesses.

The swings we use are made from a single piece of moulded plastic. This gives a durable seat that’s more comfortable to sit on than the flimsy style that some other suppliers use on their climbing frames.

Long Established Climbing Frame Company Dunster House - Comfortable Swing Seat

The swing ropes are made from a 10mm thick durable synthetic fibre. This means it does not rust or trap fingers like a metal chain would, and is more comfortable to hold and grip on to.

The clip system on the swing hooks make it easy to interchange the swinging accessories, if you want to opt for the addition of a climbing rope, baby seat or monkey swing etc.

Durable Slides

Long Established Climbing Frame Company Dunster House - Thick One Piece Slide

We supply thick durable slides made from a single piece of plastic, making them solid and strong as there are no weak joints to worry about. Our slides also have deep sides which help to prevent children falling over the edge. Some other companies supply slides in pieces for you to construct yourself.

Professional Quality Climbing Stones

Long Established Climbing Frame Company Dunster House - Professional Quality Climbing Stones

The climbing stones used on our climbing frames are made from high grade materials, so they are stronger and don’t break as easily as cheap plastic. These climbing stones are the kind that you would more typically find on a professional level climbing wall, and are a much higher standard than what you would usually find on a children’s climbing frame.

All Fixings Included

Our wooden play equipment is designed for DIY assembly so come with full pictorial instructions, and all timbers are pre-cut to the correct size for easy construction. All fixings needed are included, even the anchors to secure the climbing frame to the ground, so you can swiftly get building, and the children can get on playing.

For the best in outdoor play, take a look at our range of pressure treated wooden Climbing Frames.


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