Can you put a gazebo on concrete

Will a Gazebo be Good for my Garden?

Wooden gazebos are incredibly versatile garden structures that can provide shelter for seating areas, barbecues, hot tubs or dining areas and can improve the seasonal use of your garden as well as making such areas look really attractive.

How Can I Make a Base for my Gazebo?

The most important thing to remember when preparing a base for your gazebo to stand on is that it needs to be absolutely flat and completely level.

To level out the area that you want to use for the gazebo base, use a shovel to flatten the ground by moving large amounts of dirt to areas where there is less.

You can then either lay a concrete base or wooden decking as the base for your gazebo, depending on personal preference. Once again, make sure you are checking regularly to ensure that it is level. You can do this using a spirit level, and adjusting if required.

Can you put a Gazebo on Concrete - Building a Gazebo
Can you put a Gazebo on Concrete - Chunky Gazebo

You also have the option of installing your gazebo onto paving slabs. In this case, however, it will be harder to ensure that the base is always level as paving slabs have a tendency to loosen and move.

Take a look at our customer gallery to see some examples of gazebo installations, to get an idea for yourself of how the finished product will look.

Can you put a Gazebo on concrete - Gazebo on Patio


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