Wooden Canopy Gazebo Features


Extend your living space to the outdoors and take cover from the elements with a wooden canopy gazebo. A great addition to the patio ideal for get togethers in the garden or sitting outside to enjoy the fresh air. Create an outdoor living area with some comfy garden furniture and an outdoor table for alfresco dining. Host parties for friends and family with a BBQ gazebo, or relax and unwind with a hot tub gazebo. The decision is yours!

Wooden Canopy Gazebo Features - Dunster House Erin Gazebo - Hot Tub Shelter

Whatever you decide, we have a variety of wooden gazebos available that will cater to your needs, while looking superb in your garden. What’s more, our gazebos offer things that you won’t find anywhere else. Read on to learn more about the wooden canopy gazebo features in our unique range of designs.

Wooden Canopy Gazebo Roof

If you’re planning a garden party or outdoor event, you can entertain guests underneath the wooden canopy of a gazebo. You don’t have to worry about the unpredictable weather ruining your plans. A wooden roof will provide shade and shelter from the weather, making it perfect as a hot tub canopy or bar area. This means you can use your gazebo all year round, during hot sunny days and passing showers.

A Dunster House gazebo comes with a solid wooden roof to ensure it has a stable structure.

The Chunky Gazebo range has a 19mm tongue and groove roof that gives it a secure and attractive finish. For extra rigidity and strength, large roof purlins and a galvanised metal spider bracket support the tongue and groove boards. The oversized purlins help prevent the roof from sagging.

Wooden Canopy Gazebo Features - 19mm Tongue and Groove Chunky Gazebo Roof

Meanwhile, our other gazebos feature 15mm thick shiplap roof boards, providing you with plenty of protection and cover. So with one of our gazebos, you can enjoy your garden in style at any time of year.

Skylight Dome

With the unique feature of a clear Perspex dome on the roof, our Erin gazebos will add an elegant touch to your garden. The dome acts like a skylight, letting in natural light on sunny days. Then when the evening comes, you can look up and gaze at the stars. This makes the Erin a stunning gazebo that will really stand out from the crowd.

Fully Pressure Treated Gazebos

All timbers used to make a Dunster House Gazebo are pressure treated. This extensive process ensures the wood has great protection because preservative is forced deep into the timber as moisture is removed. The wood is not just dipped and coated with treatment only covering the exterior surface. This means the gazebo won’t need completely re-treating every year, and will be long lasting and low maintenance.

In addition, pressure treated timber comes with a genuine 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation. This ensures you can get many years of enjoyment and use from your gazebo as it stands proud in your garden.

Chunky Gazebo Posts

Our Chunky Gazebo range features some of the thickest posts on the market, measuring an impressive 120mm. These substantial posts ensure the gazebo has a robust structure. The engineered posts are designed to reduce the chances of the timber splitting and warping. These heavy duty timbers are laminated and bonded together, creating a strong post that’s less likely to swell, shrink and twist. Routed grooves give the posts a distinctive look with an attractive finish.

Wooden Canopy Gazebo Features - Dunster House Atlas 3m x 3m Gazebo - Outdoor Living Area

Customisable Gazebo Designs

You can customise your gazebo with the addition of glazed, louvre or solid wooden side panels, giving you added privacy and protection from the elements. (Available options are dependent on the gazebo model).

Half height panels will leave your gazebo partially open so you can benefit from a cool breeze or warming air. A full height side panel will shield you and act as a windbreak. Opting for a glazed section will allow you to still view the beauty of your surroundings. We make our glazed panels using toughened glass, so you can be sure they are safe and strong. Open the louvre panels for ventilation, or shut them to create an enclosed space.

Garden Bar Gazebos

Make your garden the place to be for social gatherings with the addition of a home bar. Our garden bar gazebo kits come complete with one of our high quality gazebos and a log bar included. So now you can celebrate special occasions and enjoy nights out in the comfort and convenience of your own garden. The wooden roof will keep you covered come rain or shine, so you can maximise your gazebo’s use throughout the year.

With a garden bar or outdoor seating area, there’s no end to the possibilities for evening entertainment and family fun.

Take a look at our high quality garden structures. Here you will find a range of wooden canopy gazebos and pergolas that will enhance your garden and outdoor living space. Set up a relaxing lounge area, party hub, or somewhere for the family to enjoy together. However you choose to use it, a wooden gazebo will make an attractive focal point in your garden.


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