Why Choose Car Ports

Car ports provide shelter for your car or vehicle and offer some protection from the elements. They do a very similar job to a garage, but are a different type of structure. Carports and garages differ in a number of ways, such as their looks, building processes and price.

A big difference in their design is that a car port is a more open structure without doors, whilst a garage building is fully enclosed on all sides. The roof canopy of a car port will still shield you and your vehicle from some wind, sun and rain from overhead. One of the benefits of using a carport rather than a garage is that you do not have to worry about opening and closing doors, so you can easily just pull up and park, or make a speedy getaway.

If budget and time are crucial factors, then a car port is the ideal choice. Car ports are generally cheaper than garages as it takes less materials to build one. This also makes them much quicker and easier to erect than a garage, and a viable DIY project for you to build yourself without the need for hiring costly skilled trades people.

At Dunster House we have a wide range of wooden carports available in varying sizes, whether you want a single or double carport. You can opt for a fully open structure or one with walls for additional protection.

Our timber car ports are all fully pressure treated. This means that the preservative is forced deep into the timber to protect it all the way through, the treatment is not just coated on the outside. During the pressure treating process moisture is removed from inside the wood, which gives it a high level of protection against rot and insect infestation. That is why we can provide a genuine 10 year guarantee on these timbers.

As our car ports are made from pressure treated wood, it means they are a low maintenance structure. There is no need for you to repeatedly paint and treat it each year to keep it in top condition. (Applying a good quality water repellent will aid longevity of the timber).

The heavy duty framework consists of thick chunky upright posts made from engineered timber. They are laminated to reduce the chance of warps and cracks, and produce  a strong post that is less likely to shrink, swell or twist. Routed grooves give an attractive appearance. The strong structure is finished off with sturdy 19mm thick tongue and groove roof boards. The walled versions of our car ports have cladding that interlocks the frame to create a watertight bond.

Pressure Treated Wooden Double Car Ports Shelter for Your Car Vehicle

Whilst the predominant reason for having a car port is to shelter a car, it can also have a number of other uses. Carports are perfect for use as a cover for hay bales or machinery on a farm, or as a shelter over outdoor toys and bicycles. If you are planning a gathering outside, it can be used as a garden shelter to enjoy alfresco dining without having to worry about the changeable weather.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to keeping your car or vehicle covered, then take a look at our range of high quality pressure treated wooden car ports.

Pressure Treated Wooden Double Car Ports Shelter for Your Car Vehicle


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