Climbing Frame Brochures

On the hunt for the perfect climbing frame for your children? What is the best size to suit your garden? With all these questions requiring an answer, here is how to download our climbing frame brochures. Follow these simple steps below and you will have the full range of jungle gyms in your inbox in no time.

What information can I obtain from the climbing frame brochures?

Our climbing frame brochures give you a full breakdown of the specification alongside product photos, features and measurements. Learn about our whole range of outdoor play equipment in less than a couple of minutes with our online brochure. If you would like to view a particular product via our website, use the clickable links within the brochure that will take you directly to the product page or range.

5 Simple Steps to Claim your FREE Climbing Frame Brochure!

Read below and then click here, you will be directed to the ‘Brochure Request’ page.
1. Fill out the Form
To receive the latest information on Climbing Frames & Play Structures, enter your email address, full name, and select the checkbox indicating your interest in that specific product brochure.

2. Submit the Form
Once you’re satisfied with the information you’ve provided, click the “Submit” button to send the form. Shortly after, you can expect the brochure to arrive in your email inbox.

3. Check your Email Inbox
To access the brochure, check your email inbox. If you don’t see it there, remember to also look in your spam/junk folder, as it might have been filtered incorrectly.

4. Download and Explore
Upon receiving the brochure, you’ll be able to download it as a PDF. Open the file to explore the exciting range of climbing frames available.

5. Troubleshooting Brochure Download
If you encounter difficulties downloading the brochure after multiple attempts, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our helpful sales team will gladly assist you by sending the brochure directly via email.


I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Whenever buying a product, one question leads to another and then to another. Our climbing frame brochures are a simple booklet that provides you with everything you need to know from the platform height, suitable age range, optional extras etc. However, if you feel that you still have many unanswered questions please get in touch with our friendly sales team who are ready to help you out. Contact our sales team in several different ways depending on what suits you.
Call the sales team on 01234 272445

Email the sales team at [email protected]

Live chat with us

Alternatively, let us know when you are free and we can give you a call back – contact us here.
How can I place an order?

Have you found the perfect climbing frame for your children and now wish to place an order? Place an order online by entering your postcode, selecting any optional extras and adding the product to your basket. Once you are happy with what is in your basket, follow through with the process and finalise the order. If you would rather talk to a salesperson, give us a call or request a call back and someone will be able to assist you.

If you have any other questions on our climbing frames or on how to download our climbing frame brochures, do not hesitate to get in touch!


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