Climbing Frame Optional Extras

A child’s imagination is something that is beyond the understanding of most adults. Children can turn a box into a castle, a sheet into a camp amongst other adventures. The best thing to enhance their development is to buy them a climbing frame.

We want to stand out from our competitors. To do this, we offer a plenitude of optional extras for you to truly customize your climbing frame. By providing these extras, you can make sure that your climbing frame is suitable for children of all ages.

Climbing frame optional extras banner

Duo Seat

Encourage your child to be sociable with the duo seat. This is not only a safe way for two children to work together but it also encourages teamwork as they need to work together to get the swing moving back and forth.

Children playing on a duo seat

Baby Seat

Your child’s safety is paramount to us. The baby seats we provide are made from injection moulded plastic so that it safely and comfortably will hold your child. This is only suitable for four of our climbing frames: SquirrelFort, JuniorFort Monkey, FoxCub and the JuniorFort Tower.

Baby swinging in a baby seat

Monkey Swing

Improve your child’s balance and upper body strength with our monkey swings. Watch them as they get to dizzying heights while keeping momentum.
Although we do not encourage this personally, we know that children climb. With this in mind, we have made this out of thick durable plastic to ensure that there will not be any danger

Kid playing on a monkey swing

Knotted Rope

The knotted rope offers a new kind of climbing challenge to the more advanced child. They can enjoy simply swinging on the rope or use the knots to climb up. This provides a fun way for children to develop their upper strength.

child playing on a knotted rope

Ring Trapeze

Channel your child’s inner gymnast with our ring trapeze optional extra. Great for increasing upper body strength or for just dangling with your legs over it whilst hanging onto the rings for safety.

Child playing on a ring trapeze


We know that children can be a little unstable on their feet so we want to give them a helping hand. Our handgrips can be placed near the climbing wall, near the slide and anywhere where you think that your child may need a little bit of extra stability.

Pair of climbing frame handgrips

Pirate Pack

Encourage your child’s imagination with the pirate pack. Consisting of a telescope and pirate flag, your child’s climbing frame will be quickly transformed into a pirate ship – all you need is to find the parrot to complete the look.

Climbing frame pirate pack


Revolving in all directions the telescope really lets your child’s imagination run wild. They can become Captain of their own ship and keep guard as they look out for Pirates. What will they see roaming around their garden? Please note, these telescopes do not magnify.

child looking through a telescope

Steering wheel

Will your child be driving the fastest car in the world or battling the turbulent sea in your back garden? With our steering wheel option, they can let their imagination take over whilst remaining safe in the back of your garden.

climbing frame steering wheel


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