Climbing Frames The Perfect Addition to your Garden


Dunster house climbing frames - fuel their imagination

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Here at Dunster House, we offer a wide range of high quality children’s climbing frames, perfect for outdoor play! Dunster House climbing frames are also perfect for small gardens to large gardens. We are sure you will find the perfect match for you and your little companion! So, why are wooden climbing frames the perfect accessory in your garden, and how does it help your child’s development?

Outdoor climbing frames are the best way to develop your child’s physical abilities. Each frame offers lots of different skills, essential to your child’s progression. Skills such as, strength, coordination, and balance. As you watch your child having fun climbing, sliding, or swinging, all of these actions are key to their overall development.

Dunster house climbing frames - fuel their imagination

Climbing Frames and Social Development

Garden climbing frames also play a key part in their social development. As your child goes out to play, they will slowly build social skills such as, sharing, communicating, and taking turns. All these things are essential in your child’s development.

Did you know? Using a climbing frame can also have a calming effect, boost positivity, and sharpen mental activity. This is what we call brain power. As they learn new skills, they will gain knowledge and use their imagination more while playing.

When we were children, we were always outside playing whatever the weather, climbing trees, building dens, riding bikes, the list goes on! But nowadays, a lot of children are too busy stuck indoors gaming or being glued to their tablet, catching up with their favourite tv program!

Which means they are not getting the key benefits of being outside! Here are some of the most crucial reasons why outdoor play is considered much more important than gaming indoors:

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The Key Benefits

Outdoor play is not only excellent in providing your child with physical exercise, but is also an effective way of acquiring Vitamin D when exposed to natural sunlight. Playing in natural sunlight is much healthier for you, providing development for strong bones, teeth, and muscles.
Being stuck indoors, surrounded by artificial light doesn’t give your child any key developments like social skills, imagination, creativity, and stress reduction.

Climbing Frames Grow a Child’s Imagination!

Climbing frames offer endless ways for imaginative play. Children use their bodies creatively when they climb. This can spark their imagination and inspire them to think creatively, imagining exciting adventures like:

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Climbing rocky mountains on the climbing walls…

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Swinging from tree to tree, crossing a Crocodile infested river on the monkey bars

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Or exploring a lava infested volcano and escaping the jaws of a dinosaur, sliding to safety on the slide! 

The possibilities are endless!

In addition, frames often include different levels. With tunnels, ropes, and other features they can create a variety of challenges and scenarios for children to explore. This can encourage children to use their imagination to create different games, scenarios, and stories.

Furthermore, when children play on climbing frames, they can create and act as different characters, such as pirates and superheroes! All which can further enhance their imaginative play.

So, why not treat the little ones to their very own Dunster House climbing frame and fuel their imagination! Shop Now!


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