Decorating Your Garden Office

So, you’ve ordered your garden office, or maybe you’re still looking into purchasing one but you’re in need of some inspiration. We’ve come up with a few tips on setting up and decorating your garden office.

Our first tip

Our first tip is to forget the office you’re used to! Your new Garden Office is yours! There’s no need for your Garden Office to have the drab styling of the office you’ve just come from, embrace your own style. This is something that comes quite difficult for many people who have worked in offices for many years.

Dominator 4.5m x 2.5m Garden Office Customer


Plan your layout

The first thing you want to decide upon when planning your layout is where you’re going to put your desk. Your garden office will allow plenty of light in through the windows and doors. Make sure you place your desk in a position which will receive plenty of natural light throughout the day, without adding glare to your screen. This will also encourage you to glance out of the window and away from the screen occasionally, hopefully finding inspiration in your beautiful garden. Now you’ve placed the most important piece of furniture you can move on to other things.

Be creative

As previously mentioned, there’s no need to set your office up as the dull, drab office you’ve just come from. Be creative with your filing system, but keep in mind how it may appear if you were to take part in video calls or have clients visit. Filing cabinets and bookcases aren’t always the most attractive things to look at. Here’s your chance to choose yours in bright colours, if you wish. Change handles on draws for something fun and funky. Use your imagination with your storage and be creative, especially if it ties into your business. It’s your space. Only you will have to work here regularly, so go crazy!

Stock up on supplies

It’s important that you have plenty of supplies in your garden office. Especially if you won’t be the only one in the house when you’re working. Make sure all of your office supplies are on hand and that there’s extra stock of the things you’re likely to quickly run out of…

How about some plants?

Why not bring some plants into your office as well? They help to purify the air and are known to lift moods simply by being a piece of the outside, inside. A nice Aloe Vera, Jade or Cactus may do the trick. Adding a plant, or plants, into your garden building is also little commitment than if you were to add a pet which would need feeding every day. So there’s no need to step foot into your office on days off!

three succulent plant pots

Move around

This is your space now, you’re not in an office so encourage yourself to move around more. Create a nice area where you can move away from your desk and screen to sit down on a chair and read through paperwork or scripts. If you’re likely to invite clients into your garden office why not add another chair or two for meetings?

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