The Importance of Diet and Active Play for Young Children


Healthy living is important for everyone in the family no matter what age you are. Implementing a well balanced diet alongside active play to your children’s lifestyle will benefit all around.

There are so many ways to encourage children to eat better or get them into a healthy habit that will still allow them to have a treat within the week. In this article, we are going to discuss diet and active play, as well as make a couple of suggestions on how to implement them into your child’s everyday routine.


According to Harvard, having a balanced diet means your children will gain both macronutrients and micronutrients required for their body.

Introduce 5 fruit or veg a day to ensure they are getting the right vitamins, minerals and fibres young children need. Start off with 2-3 to get them used to the taste, the different textures and size. Gradually increase this by adding them in as a side dish or within the meal, which may help if they are struggling to like certain vegetables.

They discuss the kid’s healthy eating plate approach, which is a concept of splitting your child’s plate into sections of:

  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Healthy protein
  • Fruits

To further implement this, check out this handy NHS article on what to feed young children. It focuses on the different vegetable types, dairy products, sources of protein and more.

Active Play 

Kids love playtime, but these days it is very common for them to spend their time playing games on a digital console or tablet. The Ofcom media use and attitudes report 2020/21 says that ‘In 2020, nearly all children aged 5-15 went online. Laptops, tablets and mobiles were the most used devices for going online’.

It is important to get them away from these devices and make sure they embrace the outdoors and discover socialising face-to-face. This doesn’t have to be a boring walk or hike. A trip to the park where they can run free and play on all the fun equipment is probably a lot more enjoyable for them. It is a great way to burn some energy but also keep them entertained. Understandably, going to the park, or arranging a trip out can be time-consuming or costly. Gardens can offer the same fun a park can, and that is only a couple of steps away from the house. Add some fun play equipment, a climbing frame, obstacle course, a mud kitchen and create an interactive play area for them. Having an adventure corner in the garden means that they are getting: fresh air, using their imagination and staying healthy.

Get your children involved in afterschool or weekend clubs. The NHS change for life website suggests some great sports and activities.

Combining a healthy diet and keeping your children active will keep them fit and understand how to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Grasping this from an early age will make it become so natural for them as part of their daily routine later on in life.

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