Dont get caught short with our Log Cabin Outhouses

Log Cabin Outhouses give you the beauty of a garden room with the added benefit of household amenities. A Log Cabin with a toilet inside means your fun doesn’t have to stop when nature calls, an essential addition to a garden building you’ll use all year round.

Our Log Cabin Outhouses are your next must have

According to, the average person goes to the toilet between four to ten times a day, more if you have young children. Whether you use your Log Cabin as a home gym, cinema room, garden office or simply an entertainment hub for friends and family, the toilet is going to be needed regularly.

Of course, you and your guests could return to the house. This would mean leaving the comfort of your cabin. Stopping mid flow of fun or work, and braving the elements to cross the garden. You could be dragging mud into the house. As well as being at risk of tripping if it’s dark outside or just be left drenched and freezing during winter months. The ideal solution is to add a toilet to your outdoor building so you don’t need to leave the cabin when nature calls.

Log Cabin Outhouses Rhine Cabin Example

The Log Cabins in our extensive range come delivered to you as a DIY kit. They feature interlocking log walls made from slow-grown spruce timbers, and thick 19mm tongue and groove rooves and floors as standard. We provide our Log Cabins, and toilet cubicles, untreated, allowing you to decorate them to your own style and budget.

Your Log Cabin will be filled with a variety of additions; perhaps you will add a flat screen TV for movie nights, or a gaming system for nights lost online. Our industry leading multi point locking systems, along with our toughened 4mm glass, will keep your belongings secure on the rare occasions you aren’t using your new garden room.

They do not take long to build, as our reviews will show you. You will soon have a high quality garden Log Cabin just waiting to be transformed into anything you want. How will you choose to use yours?

A little more about the toilet

Log Cabin Outhouses John Toilet Cubicle with Labels

Our compact, eco-friendly John Log Cabin Toilet Cubicle features the same interlocking tongue and groove timber logs as your cabin, which are 28mm thick, Making the cubicle framework strong and durable. The privacy of the user is guaranteed thanks to the single door and secure locking system.

The toilet and sink are made from HDPE PP. Which is a quality material that is easily wiped clean and is low maintenance. Its entire design is made with your convenience in mind.

A black water release pump is located on the face of the 17L fresh water tank that holds the structure of the basin up.  Once you have washed and dried your hands, the water then travels through the water flow system to flush the toilet. A design that has been built in to reduce water wastage. On the basin there is also a small towel rail and 3L hand soap dispenser.

Log Cabin Outhouses waste removal

The waste enters the cassette, which can be easily removed through the rear exterior of the log cabin via a carved aperture. You will be required to make a hole in order to gain access to the waste cassette. Having a hatch situated outside on the back of the cabin allows you to discreetly slide the cassette out and dispose of its contents.

To discuss which of our Log Cabins would suit your garden as an outhouse, please contact our sales team on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, fill in our ‘contact us’ form and they will get hold of you at a convenient time of your choice.


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