Family Activities During Self Isolation


During this unprecedented time we have found ourselves spending more time with our family than ever! With such busy schedules and lifestyles many families don’t get this time together unless they are away on a family holiday. It is the perfect time to appreciate and enjoy each other’s company a little more!

Without restaurants, bowling alleys, shops or cinemas you and your family may be a little bored! Being stuck inside means you need to get a little creative and experiment with activities that you may not have tried before! Read on for our fun ideas of family activities during self isolation.

A Virtual Quiz

Video conferencing such as Zoom and Skype isn’t just for the business world, use these fantastic tools to stay connected with all your friends and family. Why not host a quiz night! Each week one family can come up with an array of questions, to suit the audience. Alternatively, you can do it in one session and next week try it out with your friends and the next with your work colleagues!

Family Activities During Self Isolation - Quiz Night

Family Puzzle 

Jigsaws aren’t something you would choose to do on a normal weekend, however it’s a great thing to do when you have time on your hands! With such a wide range of puzzles from 100 – 1000 pieces or even more you can find something suitable for your family’s age range. Another fantastic idea is purchasing a personalised jigsaw of a family photo, which you can frame after completion or gift to a loved one.

Family Activities During Self Isolation - Jigsaw Puzzle

Board Games 

Everybody loves a good long game of Monopoly or Scrabble, however these good old classics only tend to come out at Christmas. Why not use this time we have with our families and play some board games. Choose a different board game for each evening after dinner and have a fun, competitive evening. With such a wide selection of board games there is something to suit all age ranges.

Family Activities During Self Isolation - Jenga Board Game

Outdoor Play

As soon as the sun starts shining, there is only one place that we all want to be – outside! The perfect place to enjoy the sun right now is your back garden, where you can get some fresh air! Families with small children can create so many fun obstacle courses to do with equipment they have. Climbing frames are great to get the little ones running and climbing as they would at school or in the park.

Family Activities During Self Isolation - Garden Climbing Frame

Family Bake Off

Using digital platforms such as Zoom and Skype, why not host a family bake off! Every family or individual is to bake something and showcase it to the other members of the group. Alternatively, you can just do a family bake off within your own home and have someone bake something different each day and you can all judge! It’s something for the whole family, whatever age!

Family Activities During Self Isolation - Baking Ingredients

DIY Project

Now is the perfect time to get all your DIY projects done that you’ve been putting off. You might have a few helping hands in the house to pass the screws, tools and read the instructions. It can be frustrating when trying to complete a DIY project in a short period of time, as many other things prioritise. Utilise this time to get all your DIY bits done or start something new that you have always dreamed of doing. The garden is always the last thing to get renovated or given any love, so transform it into your dream garden! Prepare it for all those family BBQs.

Family Activities During Self Isolation - Tools for DIY Projects

Spring Cleaning Spree

Declutter the house and get rid of any unwanted bits that you have stored and not used in the last six months! The attic is always the place to chuck everything in that you are not using. So, with all the family at home you can make a joint decision what items are needed and what can be thrown away.

Family Activities During Self Isolation - Cleaning, Organising, Decluttering

A Jar of Fun

Educating the little ones at home can be exhausting for yourself, but also for them. School is usually the place where they have to learn and home is their haven to play and have fun. Create a jar of fun with a mixture of activities you can do together, giving them something to look forward to, especially after all the learning that is being done. Jar suggestions:

  • Movie night
  • Baking
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Messy play

Draw this out every morning, so you know what time it is best to let them have their fun play.

These are just a few suggestions for family activities that you can do whilst stuck at home. Make the best of a bad situation and enjoy spending time with your family.


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