How to Landscape around Garden Fish Ponds


Fish ponds are a good way to encourage wildlife in your garden, and add beautiful scenery and interest. It’s not just about the fish, frogs and other aquatic life inside, a pond also attracts butterflies, dragonflies and birds.

Landscaping around a pond can help it to blend into the surroundings, and enhance the area so that it really makes an impact. Create a pathway around your garden so you can move seamlessly between your house, pond and relaxation areas. With a bit of planning you will soon be able to turn your outdoor space into a haven for nature and a relaxing retreat for you.

Here are some things to consider when designing a garden around a fish pond.


When planning the landscape of your garden, it’s important to create as natural a habitat as possible for the animals. Surround your pond with stones, rocks and plants to conceal any unnatural materials, such as the pond liner and pump. With the right vegetation you can create an attractive oasis in the heart of your garden.

Place flowers and creeping plants around the pond and between rocks. Shrubs and trees will make a beautiful backdrop. But be careful not to plant anything that can grow too tall and block the lovely view of your pond. Choose smaller plants so as not to detract from the pond’s impact. And opt for colourful plants that will complement and contrast from the vegetation and water. A mixture of annuals and perennials will keep your garden blooming from spring through to autumn.

Think about the types of plants and flowers that will work best for the position of your pond, how much sunlight the area receives, the condition of the ground soil, and the climate you live in. The best types to place around the edge of a pond are plants that thrive in muddy swamp conditions, like irises and canna lilies, which will also bring colour too. If your fish pond is located in a warm humid area, tropical plants could work well. While ferns and azaleas are a good choice for shaded cooler areas.

Ornamental grasses like reeds are popular because they are low maintenance, drought resistant and provide hiding places for wildlife. Shrubs also provide hiding space for birds, frogs and other visitors. Some shrubs, such as hydrangea and camellia, have attractive flowers too. While strong smelling plants like lavender are thought to deter any nuisance cats.

Landscape around garden fish ponds - Gazebo seating area

A centrepiece

Really make your fish pond into a fantastic centrepiece in your garden by building a summerhouse or gazebo next to it where you can sit and relax. Adding a seating area near your garden pond provides you with somewhere to rest as you watch the wildlife and get lost in all the sights and sounds of nature. Listen out for the melodic chirping of the birds and ripples of water as the fish swim by. Maybe you might even catch some frogs jumping around.

A garden room can become your own secret hideout to quietly view your surroundings without disturbing the animals. It can be a tranquil spot to sip your morning coffee, unwind with a drink, or read the daily news or a good book. The garden log cabin can be decorated and painted to your own style and colour of your choice. Neutral and muted tones will work best to fit in with the serene landscape you are trying to create.

The open structure of a gazebo means you can benefit from the fresh outdoor air while still being provided with some shade, shelter and protection from the elements. Add walls to your gazebo for added privacy and a windbreak. We have a variety of options so you can customise your gazebo to a layout that suits you.

Building a bridge over your garden pond is a nice touch, or you can make a feature out of an archway or pergola. They would look beautiful with climbing plants and fairy lights wound all around.

The added advantage of a Dunster House gazebo or pergola is that all the wood is pressure treated. This means that preservative is penetrated deep into the timber and not just stained or painted on the surface. As a result, the wood is protected against rot and insect infestation for up to 10 years, and is low maintenance.

Other additions

You will need a pond filter to help keep things clean, and a continuous pump to aerate the water and ensure there is enough Oxygen for any wildlife. Adding a water feature such as a fountain, waterfall or statue will create an attractive and idyllic focal point. Plus, the sound of running water has soothing and relaxing properties.

Illuminate your fish pond area to create the right ambience for you to enjoy the space even when the sun goes down. Drape decorative lights over a pergola or along a walkway, or brighten up the edging with some strategically placed solar lights. For a unique novelty, try floating lily pad lights that will highlight your pond and give it a soft glow when it gets dark.

A nearby shed is perfect for storing any of your garden and pond essentials, such as fishing nets for clearing floating debris and leaves, and fish food. Locking items away in a shed will keep them safe and dry, and close at hand for when you need them.

Landscape around garden fish ponds - Dunster House Pressure Treated Shed

We have a wide range of Log Cabins, Summerhouses, Garden Sheds and Garden Structures that will help you create an interesting and attractive landscape around fish ponds in your garden. Take a look through our website to see what is available, and start planning your garden today.


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