Flashback 2013 Shed Of The Year Competition

Every 1st of July marks the National Shed Week. Shed enthusiasts are encouraged to keep an eye on the ShedBlog to find out if they have won the coveted Nation’s Shed of the Year award.

Starting in 2007 by Andrew Wilcox (known as Uncle Wilco, pictured left), he has made this a huge event, with UK papers speculating who will win the coveted title, despite 10 Downing Street passing on the opportunity to make it a national event.

Andrew Wilcox Shed Year competition

Sheds as pieces of art

You may think that Sheds are nothing to be celebrated; that they are a place to store garden tools at the end of the garden, you would be wrong!  If you look at the previous winners, you will see that they are more than simply sheds. Some of them are pieces of art. There are various categories that sheds can enter: Hut Sheds, Eco Sheds, Pub Sheds, Summerhouses and, for the sci-fi lover, the Tardis shed category.

Winner of 2013

The winner of Shed of the Year 2013 was Alex Holland. He entered a completely custom built shed that had an upturned boat as a roof of the building.

With Solar Panels, Ultra bright LED lights, 12v surround system, and a fully functioning kitchen; this entrant really put the bar high.

The competition is fierce with over 2,000 entrants each year. The hard work and dedication given to these entries are clear to see. Normal sheds are turned into playhouses with multiple levels, the ultimate ‘man cave’ and so many others – even some Dunster House cabins have been submitted and won!

People compete for the £1,000 prize money. Tens of thousands of you get behind the public vote to put your favourite shed through the first stage and onto the judging panel for a chance to win.

Unfortunately, the public voting has now stopped for this year so the winners are just waiting to see if their shed has won. Fingers crossed for the Dunster House entries!

Alex Holland shed of the year 2014


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