Garden Gyms Change your life with an at home garden gym

Stop scrolling through your social media, watching your fitness icons working out in their home gym or garden gym. Start looking for your own instead!

The rise in popularity of the Garden Gym

As Covid hit, tiers and lockdowns came into place, triggering the need for garden gyms, in a similar fashion as the need for home offices. Exercise is no longer a choice, but more a necessity to help cope with the day to day stresses of life.  As Joe Wickes says, ‘You never regret the workout you did, only the workout you didn’t’.

After the lifting of restrictions and our exit from self-isolation, home gyms continue to be a popular and essential choice for many people. They offer lots of different benefits that a public gym doesn’t. Keep reading and find out why you NEED your very own home gym.

Our Log Cabin range is varied, so you can have a garden room as large, or small, as the space in your garden allows. No matter which of our range you choose, you will be able to create a garden gym that makes it impossible to say no.

Why not add a hot tub to soak in after you’ve finished? Our FuriousPigeon Log Cabin Gazebo has a canopy attached so you don’t have to brave the elements as you soak under the bubbles.

As the majority are under 2.5m, you don’t typically require planning permission to build them in your back garden. You could have your own gym in time for summer, what are you waiting for? There are many perks to owning your own garden gyms, but we have narrowed it down to our top five.

Less clinical, but more clean

Do you know how clean your gym really is? With 1 in 7 people in the UK owning a gym membership, they are hardly the cleanest places. According to an article by RubandScrub, fitness centres are germ hotspots.

A study conducted by the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found the presence of bacteria on all gym equipment. The bacteria is also found in micrococcus, salmonella and even staphylococcus. One read of the article will make you queasy (especially the part about the amount of faecal matter in swimming pools).

Although gyms are now a little cleaner since Covid-19 came around, a lot of gyms soon went back to their old ways of removing hand sanitiser and proper cleaning stations. Why risk your health? You can own your own gym hideaway a couple feet from your home, knowing no one else has used it.

Log Cabin Garden Gyms, Garden Room for Gym, Garden Gym Building UK

Your garden gym building will be just that: yours. You can create a bespoke home gym made exclusively for you. It allows you to take control of the cleanliness and hygiene within the garden room. After a workout, you can wipe it down with antibacterial or disinfectant to be sure each piece of equipment is clean.

Less on show

Log Cabin Garden Gyms, Garden Room for Gym, Garden Gym Building UK

Whether you are an experienced gym bunny or just starting out, you will know the slight discomfort you can get when entering a gym. You analyse the outfit, the form of your workouts, and you feel the pressure of holding up other gym-goers who want to use the machine you are on.

Then there are the changing rooms, where you make the choice. Do you change in a cramped toilet cubicle, trying to not let anything touch the floor which is often damp from swimmers? Or do you change in front of people?

By moving your workout into your garden space, you eliminate any nervousness. There is no one looking at you whilst you work out. You don’t need to wear the latest gym clothes, or make sure you look good whilst working out.

If you want to work out in your pyjamas, you can. Once you have finished, it will take just a few minutes to enter the house and hop into the shower.

Extra space within your house

The addition of a garden gym actually helps free up space within your home. Large, bulkier pieces of gym equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines and bikes can take up a lot of space within your home.

Log Cabin Garden Gyms, Garden Room for Gym, Garden Gym Building UK

Take them out and rid yourself of a cluttered home. No more tripping over free weights or having to awkwardly move the suspension straps whenever you have visitors. By owning your own garden gym, you can create a space where your equipment is stored safely. When you have finished your workout, let our industry leading multipoint locking system keep them safe until you return in the morning.

Large windows

The large windows in your Log Cabin will help flood your Log Cabin with natural light. An article by Verilux, explores the benefits of natural light on your immune system while working out. The natural light helps release the hormone serotonin. Serotonin associated with boosting your mood and helping you remain calm, the same hormone is released when you eat chocolate.

The combination of serotonin, exposure to natural light, and the natural stimulation exercise has on the immune system helps the body metabolise more efficiently. It’s like that first time you walk out of a plane into that warm air and sun!

Fewer distractions

How many times have you been to the gym, only to become distracted? Sights, sounds, bad music, tv screens on equipment and other distractions can stop your workout before it begins.

Log Cabin Garden Gyms, Garden Room for Gym, Garden Gym Building UK

At best, your twenty five minute quick exercise takes over an hour to fulfil. At worst, you give up and go home – either way, your workout stops being fun. When things are not fun, you are less likely to continue them.

Working out in your own garden gyms will help eliminate distractions. Each piece of equipment is one you need. The music playing is your own personal playlist. And there is no one there to draw you into a conversation and take time away.

You can spend your time perfecting your form, building up a sweat, and reaping the benefit of your own garden gym. Home workouts save you time on your commute, and money on membership fees and the ad hoc post workout smoothies. They also let you remain comfortable while you push yourself to your limits. Garden gyms are the perfect addition to your home and workout routine, fitting in around you and your lifestyle.

All the images used throughout this blog are customer images, showing you exactly how your cabin could look. No matter what size log cabin our customers chose, they look fantastic.

Feel inspired to create your own garden gym? Visit our website to find out about our Log Cabin range. If you have any questions, give our sales team a call 01234 272 445. Alternatively, fill in our contact us form and they will call you back at a time that is more convenient to you.


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