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A new garden, is a fresh start! Start with revamping the garden and turning it into a space for year round use. Discover some of our top 5 garden renovation ideas today, and make the garden be the place where you love to enjoy and entertain in.

Patio Design with Wooden Pergola

Patio Designs 

Adding a unique patio design to your garden will completely transform your garden. Patios make the overall garden aesthetically pleasing as well as practical depending on how you plan to use the garden.

When thinking about patio designs you want to consider how you want to operate within the garden, where do you want things located and how eye-catching you want to make the garden look. No matter how big or small the garden is there is always a way to add a unique patio design to the space available.

The type, style and size of the patio design will come down to whether you want a simple, elegant look, traditional and vibrant or a modern contemporary feel. Consider features such as patio steps to add that grand feel to the space.

Large garden features like a seating area and water features tend to sit well on patios so shape the patio area to suit them.

Seating Areas

Garden seating areas are one of those places to put your feet up, unwind and enjoy the summer breeze. Instead of settling for a rattan sofa, or garden furniture in the corner of the garden, add a structure over the area. Garden Gazebos bring character to the garden as well as a year round shelter, therefore providing design and practically all in one.

The Chunky Corner Gazebo sits snug in the corner of this garden creating a cosy escape from the home. Enjoy a morning coffee or a change of scenery with a loved one.

Garden Renovation Ideas - Centaur Corner Gazebo

The Chunky Open Gazebo is a chunky, classic style of gazebo that not only sits well in the corner but within the heart of the garden too. Create a space for dining and relaxing with the perfect size Gazebo that suits your needs.

Garden Renovation Ideas - Wooden Garden Gazebo

Garden Rooms 

Maximise the use of the garden with a log cabin or garden office. Extend the home by adding an extra room to the garden. Transform the space into a playroom, bar, man cave, office space etc. Bring an element of year round fun to the garden or a solution to a limitation inside your home.

Spend as much time as you want in the garden room, there are no curfews, opening hours to abide by or reservations required. Enjoy what you love doing best in the comfort of your own home without actually being in it.

The Terminator, a modern pent roof cabin that sits well within any corner or centre stage of the garden.

Garden Renovation Ideas - Terminator Log Cabin

The Titania Garden Office offers more than just what the name suggests. Work all day and party all night all under the same roof!

Garden Renovation Ideas - Titania Garden Office

Water Features 

Water features in the garden add a unique touch to the space. Extra detailing such as a tiered fountain, statues or standing waterfalls create this wow factor to any garden. The pouring sound of the water can bring a relaxing atmosphere to the garden.

Enter the new year with a bang, and transform the garden to a space for year round use, family time and relaxing. Gardens are underestimated, however after 2020 the vast majority with a garden have seen the benefits. Bring life to it, freshen it up, and use the garden no different to any other room inside your home!

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