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There are a multitude of additions you can make to your garden other than a Log Cabin, Summerhouse or Garden Office. If you are looking at your garden, and thinking something is missing but you can’t quite put your finger on it, you may want to consider a Garden Structure. These are focal points that help draw the eye and help lengthen your garden. They can extend the use of your garden throughout the seasons by offering shade from the sun or cover from the rain.

For the purposes of this article, we are talking about just one of our large range of Garden Structures: Gazebos only.

We say Gazebos ‘only’ because, as a brief look on our website will show, we sell a range of different Garden Structures including wooden Pergolas, Garden Bars and Pub Sheds. Our Gazebos come in a range of different shapes, sizes and styles. This allows you to choose which will best suit your garden.

We use pressure treated timber throughout our Gazebo range (FuriousPigeon Log Cabin Gazebo not included). The pressure treating process forces protective treatment deep within the slow grown spruce, protecting it from rot and fungal decay. This is a must have for any garden structure that is going to brave the elements day to day. Any pressure treated products we sell come with a 10 year guarantee – so you’re sure to get years of use out of your gazebo. The pressure treating process gives your Gazebo a rich brown finish which, as you’ll see throughout our customer images, compliments all types of garden.

Wooden Roofed Gazebo

Garden Structures Gazebos Only: Our wooden roofed Gazebos look incredible in your garden

You could opt for a cheaper Gazebo. The ones the major supermarkets roll out every summer, made of flimsy plastic and held down by rope that you have to peg into the ground. They will be just that: cheap. After the years of blood, sweat and tears you have put into making your garden exactly how you need it, don’t let your choice of garden structure ruin it.

Our Wooden Roofed Gazebos feature 19mm tongue and groove timber roof boards. These are fitted to strong purlins which are secured by a galvanised steel bracket. These additional elements make sure the high roof doesn’t droop over time. Whether 1 year, or 10, your Gazebo will still look as amazing as the day it was built.

Our Wooden Roofed Gazebos start from as small as W2.0m x D2.0m and can be as large as W6.0m x D3.0m, with a whole range of sizes in between. No matter the size of your garden, we have a Gazebo for you. Unlike cheaper, flimsier materials, our chunky Gazebos feature extra thick 145mm posts to keep it in position. You don’t need any pegs, or get left with any strings which can be trip hazards, you can simply use the L Brackets, which are in your pack on delivery day, to fix it to the ground.

This additional attention to detail allows you to leave your garden without worrying about your Gazebo blowing away at the first sign of wind, rain, flurry of snow or during a heavy shower.

Our Wooden Roofed Gazebo are customizable, allowing you to add walls to the side of your Gazebo. Depending on your style, budget and garden layout, you can choose between full enclosure with full height panels, half height panels which leave the top half of your gazebo exposed to the elements or our half timber, half glazed option. This provides you with a solid 15mm wall at the bottom of your gazebo and 4mm toughened glass at the top, allowing you to enjoy natural light or see the moon without being exposed to any chill in the air.

Erin Gazebo

The Erin Gazebo enters our Garden Structures Gazebos Only article thanks to its clear dome roof

Why do we specify wooden roofed Gazebo? Not all of our roofs are solid timber. Some have a clear dome on top to let you look out at the stars in the evening. This dome, made from Polyester Terephthalate Glycol, is not only strong but shatterproof so you know it is safe for your children should an accident occur.

Positioned in a way which allows it to breath, and prevent condensation from building, you always have a clear view of the night sky. It is easily wiped clean as well, although you may need a ladder because of the tall roof height.

The Erin Gazebo is the ideal addition for people who want a dip in the hot tub with a glass of wine and enjoy the night sky. The strong timber roof and posts are ideal for adding curtains or fairy lights, to create a cosy space no matter how chilly the night is outside.

Our Erin Gazebo can come in an open plan design, like the customer photo above, or you can opt to add timber walls for a closed in feel. These timber walls are available as half height or full height, giving you a barrier against the elements or privacy while you get out of the hot tub late into the evening.

Corner Gazebo

Garden Structures Gazebos Only: The Chunky Corner Gazebo makes sure no one is looking at the broken fence

We all have that one corner of our garden that never looks right, no matter what we do to it. The corner where the plants have overgrown, or the fence is broken, or the soil isn’t quite as fertile so nothing grows. Whilst a lot of our wooden garden gazebos are customisable; starting as open sided gazebos and giving you the option to add timber walls, our Corner Gazebos come with 15mm tongue and groove walls included. Make sure your guests are looking out over your beautiful garden when they visit!

These boards are made of singular pieces of timber, rather than offcuts, meaning they are strong enough to hold decorations. You can decorate your Gazebo any way you choose – perhaps you will add a towel rail for when you have finished soaking in the hot tub and need to dry off. Or perhaps you will be inspired by our featured customer photo and add decorations that help give your garden getaway a cosy feel.

Garden Bar Gazebo

Our Garden Bar Gazebo range makes it that much easier to turn your garden into a party venue. Special occasions such as birthday parties, anniversaries, get-togethers with friends and family, or just an outdoor dinner with your immediate family can be taken to the next level.

Garden Structures Gazebos Only: Opt for a Garden Bar Gazebo if you want your place to be party central

Our Garden Bar Gazebo features a Low Top Log Cabin Bar included in the price. This saves you the hardship of finding a bar that fits within your Gazebo, both in size and style. The free standing bar can move seamlessly around the Gazebo, allowing you to move it around when you are decorating or bring it out into the garden during parties.

Log Cabin Gazebo

We know the title is Garden Structures: Gazebos only but ‘technically’ our FuriousPigeon Log Cabin Gazebo combines the best of both a Log Cabin and Gazebo. The corner Log Cabin has an extended roof that seamlessly comes off of your Log Cabin, creating a canopy area to your cabin.

Although not technically a gazebo, the FuriousPigeon makes it to our Garden Structures Gazebos Only list as it combines a log cabin and gazebo

The Canopy helps provide an ‘outdoors’ to your Log Cabin. Fire up the BBQ, place some garden furniture and enjoy al fresco dining with your friends and family. Alternatively, put a hot tub under it where you can soak your stresses away after a long working week, perhaps with some bubbles of your own. The addition of a Log Cabin to your canopy gives you a fully enclosed space should you need it, perhaps to dry off and change after your hot tub adventure.

The design of the FuriousPigeon makes it perfect for placing in the corner of your garden, giving you and your guests the best view: the garden you painstakingly worked on. On summer days where your garden is full of friends and family, the Log Cabin provides additional seating or shade to get out of the heat.

Visit our website to look at our timber Gazebo and pergola range, and find the final touch your garden has been missing. All of the pictures, except for the Gazebo bar, are customer images which we hope will inspire you. Follow our social media pages, ideas and inspirations page on our blog or Dunster House TV for more decorating ideas. Want to add your garden building to our collection? Email your pictures to [email protected] – we can’t wait to see them!

We have briefly focused on Garden Structures: Gazebos only in this blog post. However, we sell a variety of different garden buildings that would compliment your garden perfectly. We’ve even seen customer photos where they couldn’t choose between two products they liked – so picked both! Visit our website to see how we can help you make the most out of your garden.


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