Whats the difference between a Gazebo and an Arbour

You have decided to spruce up your garden, preparing for a full schedule when the world returns to normal and you can have garden parties, outdoor family meals or just have a space to escape the chaos that is day to day life. You’ve decided on either a Gazebo, or an Arbour, but what is the difference between the two?

Aesthetically, the primary difference is that Arbours are ‘bridges’ that you would place over a pathway rather than a solid roofed structure like a Gazebo. They are smaller in structure and commonly made out of trellis, making them ideal for decorating with fairy lights or climbing plants to easily make them a focal feature in your garden. Our Gerlinde Corner Arbour is slightly different in its design as it has two benches to allow seating for up to four people, and a small table in the middle to rest drinks and nibbles to entertain your guests during games nights.

Gazebos are more solid in appearance with a minimum of four thick timber posts (our 6m x 3m Gazebos have between six and eight posts) and a firm roof so you can enjoy the outside all year round like Simon did with his Leviathan 4m x 3m during the recent snow fall.

Gazebos and arbours - Simon Atlas Gazebo looks great in the snow

Practically Gazebos and Arbours are used in very different ways, although both can be used for entertaining friends and family. Gazebos are almost an extension of your house, commonly used to shelter hot tubs and garden furniture, providing shelter outdoors and eliminating the risk of a little rain ruining a long awaited get together. Our customisable designs allow our Gazebo range to become as versatile as you want it to be. Perhaps you want an open Gazebo to allow a 360 degree view of your garden whilst you’re relaxing. Perhaps you will want to add two full height (or half height) walls to hide the garden fence and ensure you’re only view is the sanctuary you’ve worked so hard to create or perhaps you want a combination of both solid panels and shutters. The choice is yours.

gazebos and arbours - Liz Wright can enjoy her garden whatever the weather

Arbours are daintier and take up less space, ideal if you have a small garden. They are regularly used as a quiet place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a book, to sit and enjoy some quality time with your family free from the distractions of the house or to simply enjoy the peace and quiet before starting your day.

On a technical level, there are no real differences between our Gazebos and Arbours. Whilst the thickness of the naturally differs between an Arbour and a Gazebo; the timber used in both structures, and throughout all of our products, is pressure treated rather than dip treated. This means the treatment is forced deep within the wood rather than just coating the outside, vital for any structure that is going to face the elements as well as bugs and rot.

When your garden building is delivered, it will come with all of the fixings you need and easy to follow instructions. It won’t take you long before you are sitting in your garden, sipping a drink of your choice and planning your next adventure. Make sure you let us see your creations by sharing them on our social media pages.


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