Gazebos, Shelters and Summer houses

Love sitting in the garden but feel like something is missing? Add character and life to your garden with our gazebo shelters and summerhouses, and admire the beauty of it all year round.

Garden shelters and summerhouses are the perfect final touch your garden needs, instantly making any area a focal point. Wooden gazebos are stylish whilst offering many practical uses to the garden all year round. The natural beauty of a wooden gazebo is eye-catching in itself, therefore not requiring much design work. Garden lights, greenery or subtle drapes is ideal enough to make it pop.

Let’s dive in – here are 5 reasons why gazebo shelters and summerhouses are a great addition to the garden!


Gazebos Shelters and Summerhouses - Wooden Garden Gazebo

Outdoor Dining Area

Garden Gazebos create a lovely area in the garden that shelters your dining area. Enjoy a bite to eat outdoors or fire up the BBQ no matter what the weather is like with a wooden gazebo. With a variety of sizes available, there will be something suitable for all garden shapes and sizes.

UV Protection

When there is sunshine in the UK, there is only one place to be – the garden! Soak up the rays and get your fix of Vitamin D. As much as we like sitting out in the sunshine, it is important to stay protected. Garden Gazebos provide a shaded area for those days or hours when the sun is out in full force.

On the other hand, with the unpredictable weather in the UK using the garden out in the rain or colder months is a no go. However, with a fully roofed gazebo relax and unwind in the garden even when there is a chill.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a common investment for many when it comes to the garden, but why limit the time out in the hot tub to only the dry days. Utilise the hot tub as and when you wish with a gazebo over it and stay protected from the elements. Relax and unwind after work, or host the best hot tub parties any time of the year!

Social Spot

Being out in the garden is lovely, especially when you can enjoy that moment with your friends and family. Create a social area within the garden where you can invite your loved ones over and sit out in the garden under a cosy cocooned space.

Style Icon

Add a touch of style to the garden with a wooden gazebo. Ditch the unattractive pop-up gazebos, especially as it is only a temporary measure. Invest in a gazebo that is going to last and give the garden the wow factor.

Take a look at a selection of photos showcasing some of the wonderful uses that a gazebo can bring to you and the garden.

Time for the photos to do the talking…

Here is Roxane’s gorgeous garden featuring the Chunky Leviathan Gazebo.

Gazebos Shelters and Summerhouses - Wooden Garden Shelter


Cosy up in the garden with a Leviathan Corner Gazebo like Jessica’s.


Gazebos Shelters and Summerhouses - Centaur Corner Gazebo


So many gardens have been completely transformed with a gazebo, whether that is with a chunky or slim structure.

Is a wooden garden gazebo what your garden needs? Have you ever considered a pergola? Shop our garden structure range now!


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