Gift from the Gods Leviathan Carport and Garages

In Roman mythology Hercules (or Heracles if you like Greek Mythology) was the champion of the weak and a great protector. At Dunster House, our Hercules is still a gift of the gods but for your vehicles. Named after the Olympian god for its strength, our Hercules and Leviathan range of carports and garages have been designed to withstand heavy loads and be durable. After all, Leviathan held up the sky for eternity.


Other than being named after Greek heroes, why should you choose our timber Garages?



There is no comparison when it comes to beauty, the timber Carport and Garage will always win. They can be customised to suit your personal preferences and the natural finish helps tailor it to the look of the house.


We use full lengths of timber in all our Garden Buildings, Garages and Carports included. This ensures that your walls won’t have any finger joints which is common when two offcut pieces are glued together. Not only does this mean your Carport or Garage will have a high quality finish but also results in a higher quality building.


A brown colourant is added to the treatment whilst in the pressure treatment factory. This gives the timber a beautiful brown finish which will compliment any style of garden or home.



A good Garden Building starts with strong foundations, and our Garages and Carports are no different. Whether you choose the Leviathan, Hercules, Artemis, Olympus or any other of our range inspired by the ancient Greeks, you are sure to get a long standing protection for your car.


Each building within this range comes with posts which are 120mm x 120mm thick. These posts have been laminated to help bond the timber together meaning it is less likely to shrink, swell or twist over time. On top of this are 140mm x 45m roof purlins, a substantial size to prevent the roof from sagging and ensuring your car, motorbikes, tools or expensive garden equipment is protected against the elements.


The images below, sent in by a customer, best shows the thickness of the purlins and the amount of available space our high roofs provide you with.



You want to make sure your Garages and Carport will stand the test of time, along with the not weathering with everything that the English weather will throw at it.


On top of the thick timber, we let you choose between three different types of roofing material. These are not available on all of our wooden carports and garages, so be sure to look into the specification to find out. With the Leviathan and Hercules, you can choose between Superfelt, Rectangular Shingles or Hexagonal Shingles (both made from high grade glass fibre based bitumen).


These additions to your Garden Structure will not only provide a high quality finish but will also offer a higher level of protection. The protection you choose is down to your personal preference, why not give our friendly sales team a call to discuss your options further.


Customisable options

It is not only the roof finish that is customisable, but the entire structure. The initial choice for customisation is whether you opt to add double doors to the front of your structure. This provides an additional level of security to your Carport or Garage, along with further protection from the elements.


Whether you choose a single or double structure, you have the option to add walls to as many sides as you would like. To further the personalisation, you can choose whether these walls are half height or full height. For the best of both worlds, why not look for the half spruce/ half glazed option. This means you can still have natural light flooding into your Carport or Garage without losing the security element to your structure.



This may seem like a strange thing to think about when buying a Garage or Carport. However, when you have finished a busy day, the last thing you want to be doing is bending down to exit the Garage when getting out of your car. Or if you are using it as storing your tools and equipment, you don’t want to be crouching while trying to find something you need.


Our Hercules and Leviathan structures are 3.04m high, or 9’11”, meaning even the tallest of you will have no problem walking around without bumping your head.


When looking for a garden structure, longevity should be one of the top qualities you are looking for. You want your structure to last for years to come without succumbing to the elements, rot or decay. All the spruce parts of your Carport or Garage, and our Garden Buildings in general, are pressure treated rather than dip treated like some of our competitors.


Pressure treatment allows the treatment to go deep within the timber, rather than just coating it, making it far less likely to be weakened by insect infestation. We are so confident in our pressure treating process that we offer a 10 year guarantee on our pressure treated elements.


It is important to note that we would always recommend you apply an additional high quality water repellent for additional longevity, this doesn’t take long and will dry translucent so it won’t change the final look of your Carport or Garage.


If you have any other questions about which Carport or Garage to add to your garden, our sales team will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Why not give them a call on 01234 790366? Alternatively, fill in our online form, and we can call you at a time that is most convenient to you.


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