How Can Colour Help Your Log Cabin


Adding a splash of colour to your Log Cabin is a fantastic way to make your garden more exciting and personal to you. Using the wood stains and colour treatments we provide can help bring your vision to life, these are offered as optional extras when purchasing a Log Cabin from Dunster House.

Prepping your Log Cabin is super easy, if it isn’t already treated with preservatives then you’ll need to treat the timber before adding your colour. This will also be dependent on the timber of the log cabin too.

Mask off any areas that you don’t want the colour to be on and ensure you have good quality paint brushes/ rollers, then you’re good to go!

Check out what a splash of colour can do for your outdoors space below!

Adding some style into your garden: 

Painting your Log Cabin will be adding an element of style into your garden, you’re really bringing it to life.

If you are unsure on where to go with colour options perhaps think about the below:

. Themes: Do you have a theme that you can tailor it towards? For example, some of the garden bars we often see have a specific theme, like a Tikki Hut, and have therefore been painting to fit this accordingly. You can get some inspiration from sites like Pinterest and Instagram for how you execute your ideas.

. Your favourite colour: Are you passionate for pink? Why not paint your Log Cabin in your favourite colour? Afterall it is a space for you and you’re guaranteed to like it.

. Tailor to the season: Get super stylish and tailor your Log Cabin to the current season. If it’s winter, perhaps a white log cabin and a frosted grey window trim would look fitting. For spring you could add a splash of blue or yellow. Don’t worry the Log Cabin can easily be repainted, so changing it up is never an issue!

As mentioned above sites like Pinterest or Instagram are fantastic places to search for inspiration and ideas. Our Instagram is filled with beautiful customer photos so be sure to check that out and follow!

Painted Terminator Log Cabin

Adding to the aesthetics of your garden: 

Having a coloured Log Cabin will be adding to the aesthetics of your garden. It will look gorgeous no matter what the time of day is and whatever the weather.

There’s something about a garden full of colour that just makes sense. A painted log cabin will compliment your array of flowers and plants growing in your outdoors space, check out the complimentary colour wheel for some help. If you have a lot of yellow tones in the garden, a shade of blue on your Log Cabin will look perfect. You could even matchup the Log Cabin colour to your favourite flowers for the ultimate ‘wow-factor’.

Painted Terminator Log Cabin

Adding your personal touch: 

You’re really making the Log Cabin your own when painting it and tailoring it to your likes and interests. You have spent a lot of money on the Log Cabin so you want it to be fitting with your home, garden, family, and lifestyle.

The more time you spend making the Log Cabin personal to you, the prouder you will feel about the creation. Put on a garden party, host a movie night or share your gym session, whatever you’re using the Log Cabin for be sure to show it off to family and friends.

We often see people make Instagram pages to document their Log Cabin construction and the process of decorating it and making it their own. It’s nice to share your experience and inspiration for others to see, this is also a great way to show off the final outcome. And, you can admire how much effort you have put into the build.

Painted Severn Log Cabin

If you have purchased a Dunster House Log Cabin, we would love to see how you have decorated it and made it personal to you. Be sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for frequent inspiration as well!

Find out more about how to pick the right exterior colour for you, to either compliment your garden or really make your log cabin stand out.


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