How to Build The BEST Pub Shed in 5 Easy Steps

You might be feeling like your house is missing something, or that your life is missing something now that popping down to the pub with a load of friends isn’t the same or as simple as it once was.

Staying at home is the new way of going out, and Garden Pub Sheds are the next big thing. Why not take the leap and brainstorm some outdoor ideas to bring the pub to your backyard and build your own Pub Shed.

Get your materials together

Make it easy for yourself and find a great DIY kit online, get the parts delivered to you in exact measurements so all you have to do is piece it together. Dunster House specialises in sourcing quality slow-grown spruce timber, with pressure treated bearers, ensuring your cabin will last years.

This allows you to spend time on the interior design of your backyard project and making it your own!

Choose a model 

You have some key decisions to make when you build a pub shed. What kind of roof style and size will suit your garden? Do you want insulation?

Browse some designs online and decide if you would prefer a log cabin or a fully insulated garden room with uPVC windows and doors. Both suit the function of a Pub Shed perfectly.

Your garden might have a more modern feel, in which case a modern-style log cabin with a pent roof might suit it better. If you want to keep it traditional, choose a chalet style garden building.

Find your ideal location

If you have a long garden, you might decide that a Pub Shed will tuck away nicely in a bottom corner. Some log cabins are designed for this purpose. If your garden is more open, you could have a Pub Shed that opens out onto a seating area.

Add a fire pit, patio heaters or a chimenea for the perfect evening setting. Bear in mind you might need to be able to connect up to mains electricity or water if you want to build a toilet too.

How to Build a Log Cabin Pub Shed  How to Build a Pub Shed Log Cabin

Fit the interior

This is the important part- time to add the pub to the shed! Build your log bar. You might want it to fit into a corner to add more storage space inside it.

Choose your indoor seating, this could be stools or sofas, or both. Do you want a TV? A pool table? The opportunities are endless when designing your pub shed or she shed!

How to Build a Pub Shed Log Cabin - Pool Table  How to Build a Pub Shed - Table and ChairsHow to Build a Pub Shed - Log Cabin Bar Area

Invite your guests!

Hang the ‘Open’ sign and get the friends and family over. Let them drink for free with no risk of missing Last Orders. Seat them inside or out, all year round in your backyard retreat.

Get browsing and deciding on how to design and build your Pub Shed now.

 How to Build a Pub Shed - Log Cabin Garden Bar  How to Build a Pub Shed - Snooker Table

How to Build a Pub Shed - Log Cabin Bar

We have a huge range of log cabins and garden rooms to choose from, to kit out as your perfect pub at home.


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