How to create a vegetable garden

What is better than eating your own produce? Nothing! Nothing is better than eating the produce you grow at home. As well as having the added benefit of growing your own, organic vegetable garden is much easier than you think!

Start off small if you’re new to gardening. It’s better to be delighted by what you produce in a little garden than to be dissatisfied by the time commitment required by a large one. It is important to establish whether you enjoy spending time outside planting, watering, and weeding. It is also a good idea to discover how much you can produce as well as what you want to grow.


Pictured: Sanctuary II Heavy Duty Wooden Shed

Take Advantage Of A Trellis!

Make the most of your available space by planting vegetables vertically. A trellis is especially useful if you also intend to include plants into your small garden.

Grow plants as well as a vegetable like sweetcorn up a trellis can thrive with a sturdy spruce structure to support the growth. Our Jasmine Trellis Arch Pergola is an attractive structure that adds structure and style to your garden. It would look stunning with the addition of some climbing plants along the rafters or up the lattice side panels.

Grow What You Love to Eat

Decide what you would like to grow, this decision could be based upon what you, your family and friends like to eat or what you would like. Good veggies to grow are:

  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Beans and peas
  • Sweetcorn
  • Peppers
  • Lettuce and other good greens
  • Cucumbers and courgettes

Get The Right Tools…storage!

Our Talia Shed is the perfect compact space to store your gardening tools. The Talia Garden Tool Shed is a practical storage solution for your power tools and other valuable garden equipment. Maximum storage is provided in minimum space, with generous 2.11m (6’11’) height, ideal for long-handled tools. It features a strong 35mm x 35mm sub-frame and easy-assembly 15mm Shiplap Cladding constructed in panels, made of untreated slow grown spruce.

Happy gardening!


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