How To Create The Pawfect Garden For Your Dog


Whether you are thinking of adding a dog to the family, or you already own one, your garden needs to be suitable for them and their needs. It’s a no brainer that dogs love to go outside, sniff and interact with nature so being able to allow them to do this safely is vital!

Check out some of our garden ideas for your furry friend, as well as some top tips for the hot weather.
Important Things To Consider:
There are a number of things that are so important to have covered when your dog is out in the garden, their safety should be a top priority, check out some pointers below:

. Shade: Your garden needs some shade. Whether it’s natural shade from the layout of your garden, or you need to purchase something to help create it, it’s a must! Some Dunster House products that are perfect for this job are our; Gazebos, Log Cabins and Summer Houses. An umbrella or canopy would also be perfect to help create a cool shaded spot.

. A Tidy Safe Space: Your outdoors space should be kept tidy and clear of anything that could harm curious dogs. Gardening tools and treatments should be stored away, and ponds should either be fenced off or have netting over the top. Make sure fences are fixed and secure, this not only stops your dog from wondering off, but it also stops the chance of someone easily breaking in to your garden.

. Non-Toxic Products: There are lots of pesticides that are harmful to dogs should they be ingested. Check the products you are buying and if there are no safe alternatives, make sure your dog stays away. There are also a number of plants that can harm our pups, so check what you’re growing!

. Water: Providing water for your dog is a must. Quite often dogs like to drink from unusual spots, like watering cans and puddles, so offering them some fresh water is vital. Avoid leaving any harmful chemicals near your pup and their drinking station, the last thing you want is them mixing the two up.

Fun Things To Consider:
It’s no surprise that dogs have big bursts of energy and a great way to tire them out is to get them out in the garden for some fun. Below are some ideas:

. Toys: Treat your little friend to some fun toys to use in the garden. Balls and ropes are perfect to burn some energy and bond with your dog. Just make sure that any toys you buy are suitable for your dog, any parts that become loose or unsafe should be discarded.

. Enrichment Activities: Working dog breeds, or those that typically have lots of energy, can be kept occupied with enrichments activities. We have put a list of a few ideas below:
. Hide treats amongst your garden
. Puzzle toys – these can be filled up with treats
. Licking mats – freeze wet dog food or something like peanut butter over the top

. Paddling Pool: Lots of dogs love going in water, so why not treat them to their own splash zone? These vary on prices and sizes, so carry out some research before buying. They are also perfect for you to dip your toes in when it gets hot!
Top Tips For The Summer
When it gets warm in England, it gets hot. It can be quite a struggle for dogs who are not used to these high temperatures to relax and feel comfortable. Below are our top tips for when the sun comes out:

. Walk your dog in the early morning, or late evening: the ground can burn and blister your dogs’ paws, so be sensible and think about this before taking them out on their walk. Choose the coolest times of the day.

. Do not take your dog out on unnecessary journeys: your dog will feel more comfortable being left at home than sat in a car or out in the sun.

. Keep on top of grooming: keeping their fur trimmed and unknotted will help your dog relax in the heat.

. Offer a cold towel: If the temperature if supe hot, rinse a towel under cold water, drain and then lay out for your dog to rest on. You can also put this in the fridge/ freezer if you have the space.

. Offer frozen treats: Ice, frozen peanut butter, frozen fruit and veggies are a perfect cooling snack. Do not give a dog suffering from heatstroke anything frozen, seek medical help ASAP!

. Do not leave you dog in the car: even if there’s a breeze and you have a window cracked open, the car will still get uncomfortably hot for your pup and can lead to serious heatstroke.

. Check out your local pet stores for cooling gadgets and toys! 


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