How To Have A Garden Like The Chelsea Flower Show

As this year’s Chelsea Flower Show has just been and gone, the garden inspiration has got all of our minds ticking away of how we can change our gardens before entertaining our friends and family this summer.

Look up!

The designs at the Chelsea Flower Show are drawn up to make you look up. You need eye catching plants and structures in your garden to draw attention to every aspect of your garden. Our range of Pergolas, Gazebos and decorative garden furniture are perfect garden structures to create a feature point in any garden, any size!

Our pressure treated timber is handy being so weather proof, especially with our typical British weather! Having added curtains and canopies as standard on our Leviathan Gazebo and Leviathan Pergola means that the perfect party set up is ready for whatever the weather as well as adding added privacy to your garden.


Plant growth can be supported by the lattice and legs of our garden structures. Growing plants can be the perfect addition to a garden, they are great at being space savers as well as keeping out of reach from children and pets!

Surround your garden with colour, be it with painted garden structures or plant pots that compliment the design of your garden or with as much greenery as you can. A pop of colour can transform any garden into a happy wonderland that will be your serenity all year round.

Get creative with planting

Being creative with what to plant as well as where to plant and how may be a daunting process. However, it should be a vibrant and colourful as the end result! Think seasonal when planting, what would be best for your garden? Are you north or south facing? Is there any wildlife you wish to attract in your garden? So many questions can be asked when thinking about the best plants for your garden. Or, what works just as well – pick the plants you just love to see!

Luckily, most colours compliment each other in the garden. The colours enhance the senses like smell and sight. The garden below has been created so well it could be adapted into a sensory garden – a very big tick from the Chelsea Flower show requirements.


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